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Teasers, Teaser Reels & Daisy Chains
Dredges & Spreaders
Accessories & Lures for Dredges, Spreaders & Daisy Chains
Teasers, Dredges & Spreaders Image

Teasers, Dredges & Spreaders

Teasers, Teaser Reels & Daisy Chains Image Teasers, Teaser Reels & Daisy Chains
Teasers and Daisy Chains skitter across the surface behind the boat wakes, skipping to the rhythm produced by the motors. When a fish strikes pull the teaser away and present an offering with a hook in it such as a live bait, dead bait, or an artificial lure. By this time the game fish is so worked up it races over and gobbles up what hits the water! Teaser reels are a quick and easy way to effectively bring up your teaser or daisy chain.
Dredges & Spreaders Image Dredges & Spreaders
Spreader bars and Dredges are professionally rigged to perfection. Any of these Spreader Bar's or Dredges are sure to enhance your spread with more action and the best presentation. Spreader Bars resemble small groups of prey by making a commotion on the surface. Several daisy chains of lures or baits dangling from a thin metal rod comprise a spreader bar, distributing the trailing baits over a wide area. The baits on the bar serve as hookless attractors, but the last one on the center line holds a hook for hungry attackers intent on enjoying easy pickings. Predators zero in on this "stinger" hook-bait because it mimics a weak straggler trying to catch up to the school. Working like 3-D spreader bars, Dredges pull chains of lures or baits behind four to six arms fanned out around a central pull point. These devices mimic a bait ball and help put curious game fish in a feeding mood. Unlike spreader bars, dredges are designed to run underwater to be effective, and they do not always carry a hook bait.
Accessories & Lures for Dredges, Spreaders & Daisy Chains Image Accessories & Lures for Dredges, Spreaders & Daisy Chains
To ensure the best presentation for your Spreader Bars and Dredges you'll need a dependable bait that works. Capt. Harry's offers a huge range of soft plastic lures, hard plastic lures, jet head lures, and strip baits to make the most dynamic offering to unsuspecting game fish.

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