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Choose from our selection of line strippers, fillers and holders to help simplify your spooling needs.
Battlewagon Bucket Image Battlewagon Bucket
The best sportfish bucket on the market! The bucket is made from thicker 90-mil material making it more robust then typical buckets that are usually about 70-mil. The Battlewagon Bucketâ„¢ uses massive 5/8" Mega-Braidâ„¢ line for the rope handle, so the grip is sure and comfortable no matter the load. Easy on the hands with heavy loads and superior grip with wet or slimy hands. No holes, no knots, stackable and features stainless hardware. These features make it the ultimate boat bucket.
Assassin Pro Lionfish Gun Image Assassin Pro Lionfish Gun
The Assassin Pro is an all in one patent pending lobster and lionfish harvesting tool.  This all in one tool features a lobster snare, tickle stick, lobster guage, and lionfish sling. Make sure you have yours for this Lobster season!
The Reel Crankie Line Winding Tool Image The Reel Crankie Line Winding Tool
This all new winding tool features an aircraft quality aluminum with durable corrosion-resistant stainless steel internal hardware. Designed to be attached directly to the existing handle mechanism - simply slide on the "Reel Crankie" and rotate the gold-knurled-ring to lock onto the reel. This quick action design also gives you the ability to use the "Reel Crankie" in a rocking boat or a situation where you want to retrieve the line from your bait or a drop-weight from a deep depth. For use with a 3/8" hand-held battery powered drill.
Spool Holder Image Spool Holder
The easiest way to hold bulk spools to load fishing reels. Made of anodized aluminum and holds spools from 1/4lb to 5lb. Never again will you need help to load a reel. The unique design allows you to set the tension on the spool for smooth, constant pressure while loading. Comes complete with tension rod, base for mounting to work bench, and a rod holder mount.
Line Stripper Image Line Stripper
This line stripper provides the fastest way to remove line from your fishing reel. Machined out of aluminum and anodized for long life. This unit combined with your 3/8" drill will eliminate hand stripping for line replacement or storage.
Line Off Image Line Off
Allows fishing line to be quickly and easily removed from fishing reels. Takes all spinning reels and conventional reels up to a 6/0. Attach Line Off to a power drill or Electric screwdriver and it is ready to use.
Pocket Drag Checkers Image Pocket Drag Checkers
This unique water resistant scale that measures the drag on both spinning and conventional tackle, as well as drag coefficient of the rod guides. The 32lb unit tests line up to 32lbs.The 12lb unit tests line up to 12lbs.
Line Counter Image Line Counter
Features lighted display for each foot of fishing line that is measured as it passes through the counter, light switch that illuminates display, automatic line release when fish strikes, line lock switch, rod clip and spring tension knob.

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