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Electric Reels

Electric reels are designed for fisherman to the full enjoyment of fighting the fish and feeling the pull without the hard work and tiring effort of cranking. The angler still sets the drag depending on the line choice and fishing conditions and has the choice of playing the fish by letting the drag hold on the up stroke and winding in on the down stroke or in allowing the motor to do all the work.
Shimano BeastMaster Electric Reel Image Shimano BeastMaster Electric Reel
Pound for pound, this is Hercules in a compact frame. With 250lbs of winding strength and 55lbs of full drag, this "Beast" can winch just about anything that swims up from the deep. And, oh yes, it can double as a kite fishing electric reel.
Daiwa MP 3000 Image Daiwa MP 3000
A sleek new generation of power assist reels, designed from the ground up to make deep dropping easier and more fun. While new to the US these reels have been used in the Pacific rim for many years. Featuring Daiwa's unique power lever for instant control of speed and power, digital line counter, programmable Auto stop™ when rig reaches the surface, manual winding option, 12 volt DC operation sealed electronics for easy wash down, stainless steel line guide and more.
Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reels Image Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin Electric Reels
Seaborg Megatwin Dendoh style reels takes deep drop fishing to a whole new level, putting two variable ranges at your finger tips. Like all of Daiwa's Dendoh power assist reels, the Seaborg Megatwin's make landing large fish from great depths a breeze. Changing from high speed to low speed, or standard power to high power mode is as simple as pressing an electrically activated button. Additional features include programmable auto line stop, auto downshift from speed to power mode, LCD line counter readout and depth memory! Convenient sized Dendoh rechargeable lithium battery packs keep you fishing all day long. Works with both SB500MT and SB750MT models. Battery Pack sold separate.
Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Deep Drop Combo Image Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Deep Drop Combo
Excellent deep drop combo for fishing in depths up to 1000 - 1200ft. Holds 900 yds of 80lb braid. This is a perfect combination for deep water snappers, such as yellow eyes and queens. The Daiwa Dendoh rod features aluminum reel seat, curved aluminum butt, Aftco swivel top and Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides.
Elec-tra-mate 920-XP Image Elec-tra-mate 920-XP
Designed for Penn's Big Senators. Easily attaches to 9/0, 10/0 and 12/0 reels. Features a powerful permanent magnet motor which delivers the power needed to fish over 2000 ft. deep and bring those big fish to the surface. Comes standard with toggle switch and case hardened gears. Rigged includes 920XP 12/0, deep dropping rod, 130lb Spectron and ball bearing snap swivel. Made in the USA.
Kristal Electric Kite Reels Image Kristal Electric Kite Reels
Extremely fast, powerful and quiet. Can also be used as a teaser, dredge or light deep drop reel. Features 12 Volt power, 350ft per minute retrieval speed, spool capacity of 600ft/50lb backing and kite line (sold separately), 6lb unit weight, and average consumption of 5 amps. Complete Rigged Kite Kits include reel, rod, backing, kite line, and clips. Recommended line - Spectron or Dacron. The 605 unit offers variable speeds for better control during tournaments.
Elec-tra-mate 940-XP Image Elec-tra-mate 940-XP
Designed for Penn's Big Senators. Easily attaches to 9/0, 10/0, and 12/0 reels. Features a prowerful permantent magnet motor with delivers the power needed to fish over 2000 ft. deep and bring those big fish to the surface. Comes standard with toggle switch and case hardened gears. Rigged includes 940XP 12/0, deep dropping rod, 130lb Spectron and ball bearing snap swivel.
Elec-tra-mate Commercial Unit Image Elec-tra-mate Commercial Unit
The 1412G and the 1380G models are designed with the finest corrosion resistant materials available. Utilizing a right angle worm gear drive to transmit power to the reel, this unit is the quietest and most powerful 12 volt drive ever put on a fishing reel. Comes standard with 10ft power cord, 30 amp twist plug, 3 position toggle switch with momentary off/run positions. The 1412G fits Penn Senator 12/0 reel. The 1380GH fits the Shimano 80WA reel and the Penn 80VSW. Reel not included.
Lindgren-Pitman S1200 Image Lindgren-Pitman S1200
This is the ultimate 12 volt fishing reel for deep dropping, big game fishing, pulling dredges or as a downrigger. It offers safer "Hands Free" hauling by combining a levelwind and a "stop-at-top" feature that automatically turns the reel off when the counter reaches zero. Line changes are a snap as the high capacity glass filled nylon spool can be changed on the fly. It has a two-stage drag system that will handle any fishing situation. Line capacity: 1200 yds/200lb Braid or 1000yds/100lb wire. Retrieval speed 5ft./second.
Elec-Tra-Mate Commercial Unit Combos Image Elec-Tra-Mate Commercial Unit Combos
Featuring the Elec-Tra-Mate professional units with the most powerful 12 volt motor mounted on a fishing reel. Rod is a Capt. Harry's SWC 2A with Aftco Big Foot Guides and Swivel Top. May be used with Braid or wire. Combo's are rigged with 1200yds 130lb Corltand Blackspot. The 1412G combo comes with a Penn 12/0 reel mounted on a Capt. Harry's SWC3 Turbo guides rod.
Kristal XL 621 Image Kristal XL 621
Features include pulling power of 400lbs, dead lift 49lbs, Line capacity 3600ft of Spectron 130lb. Retreive 380'/min. Combo consists of XL 621 Electric Reel, a SWC 3 Turbo Deep Drop Rod and 1200 yds Spectron Black Spot.
Kristal XL 651 Image Kristal XL 651
These rod mounded electric reels come with an on/off button and a momentary button. The units can be mounted on any standard big game rod. XL 651 features 330 ft./min retrieval speed, spool capacity 3,000ft of 130lb braid, average consumption 12 amps and unit weight of 16.5 lbs.

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