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Bost Lures represent some of the most successful marlin lures in the world. In addition to the marlin lures the series now includes tuna and wahoo heads. Made from aerospace resin, the same material used on the canopies of F16 fighter jets, these lures will not crack, break, chip or discolor. Because of the unique molding process, the lures require no extra polishing when removed from the molds. This means all lures are exactly the same and will run the same all the time. All inserts are positioned and balanced exactly to run consistently under all sea conditions. All lure shanks are designed to use stock quick tie-on skirts effectively eliminating messy glues and adhesives.Custom design your own lures. Select the lure style you wish to purchase then select two skirts. For best results we recommend either a multi colored octopus skirt over a solid skirt or two different solid skirt colors.

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