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Our selection of fishing and boating accessories includes: Anti-fatigue mat, non skid feet and cooler keeper, fish flags, bucket board, super siphon, and fish bags.
Sandbar Slug Image Sandbar Slug
Not fishing today? Slide a slug in. Turn your rod holder into a useful high quality drink holder. Fits most 15 and 30-degree rod holders. For 15-degree rod holders simply remove the screw and spin slug around to the 15-degree angle.
The Fish Grip Image The Fish Grip
This new fish landing device helps you safely land, weigh, and release your catch. It features over center locking, and unique jaw design holds the lip of the fish, a wrist lanyard in case is slips but if it falls in, it floats. Its high-viz colors is easy to see day or night. Attach a scale and deduct 5 oz. for accurate weight. Scale not included. Colors: Orange (01), Blue (43), Green (44). Made in the USA. Originally $14.95 On Sale $12.95!
Cooler Auto Led Light Image Cooler Auto Led Light
Easily mounts to any smooth surface with adhesive and self-tapping screws. Water proof up to 36 inches, can be placed in the bottom of the cooler or on the lid. Automatically shut off after 10 seconds if no motion is detected, maximizing battery life. Also has an on/off switch. Runs on 3-AAA Batteries, included. Lenght 7.5"
Coleman Coolers Image Coleman Coolers
Lighter in weight compared to the polyurethane cooler yet the insulation will keep the ice from melting right away. Made with an antimicrobial additive that inhibits bacteria growth, also has a UV reflective colors additive, comfortable handle grips.
YETI Tundra Series Marine Coolers Image YETI Tundra Series Marine Coolers
An extreme example of how durable and insulated a cooler can be. With a super-strong roto-molded UV-resistant shell, this durable cooler has 2" of polyurethane foam insulation that teams with an integrated freezer-style gasket for superior ice retention. Nonslip, non-marking feet keep it in place on deck. Positive-locking rubber T-latches. Food-grade/dry-ice compatible plastic. Leakproof drain plug. Dry goods rack included. Super-strong one piece roto-molded shell, 2" of polyurethane insulation, Superior ice retention.
YETIŽ Corner Chock Set Image YETIŽ Corner Chock Set
Secure your YetiŽ cooler with heavy-duty rubber corner chocks. Rubber provides excellent, non-abrasive support and can withstand years of wear and sun exposure. Kit includes: 4 Rubber Corner Chocks, 2 Marine Grade Bungees and Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware.
YETIŽ Tie Down Kit Image YETIŽ Tie Down Kit
Secure your YetiŽ cooler in a boat, truck or trailer with the YetiŽ Cooler tie-down kit. When not in use, only the low profile deck plates remain leaving nothing to trip over. Kit includes: 2 Heavy-duty Nylon Straps with Stainless Steel Cam Buckles, 2 Stainless Steel Deck Plates and Mounting Hardware. All hardware is marine grade stainless steel. Fits all YetiŽ models.
Nu Ice Image Nu Ice
Reusable Ice Packs providing superior alternatives for traditional ice and dry ice applications. Sub Zero Packs are non toxic, non hazardous, and hold sub zero temperatures for up to 96 hours.
Dorsal Bucket Cooler Image Dorsal Bucket Cooler
If you're looking for a cooler that can be stored easily, yet has plenty of room, look no further! Dorsal's “bucket" cooler is just what you need. Standing 15" tall and 12" wide, it can easily hold a days worth of beverages.
Dramamine Image Dramamine
Dual action motion sickness relief. Prevents nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. 12ct
Boone Dry Packs Image Boone Dry Packs
Keep your valuables, cameras, wallet, clothes, etc. safe and dry. Easy to fold, easy to carry. Use when fishing, kayaking, boating, any water sports.
Swobbit Cleaning Handles Image Swobbit Cleaning Handles
The Swobbit Cleaning System is designed for efficient cleaning. Telescoping handles have an internal tracking system so the Uni-Snap will pop up in place every time. Poles available both fixed and telescoping. Telescoping poles made from 6463 T5 anodized aluminum, and fixed from 6063 T8 anodized aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance.
Swobbit Cleaning Attachments Image Swobbit Cleaning Attachments
Designed to just snap on the end of the pole and changed out when you need a different kind of cleaning attachment.
Swobbit Cleaning Products Image Swobbit Cleaning Products
Everything you need to detail your boat.
RoboCup Portable Caddy Image RoboCup Portable Caddy
RoboCup portable caddy securely holds two drinks, two fishing poles, tools, gear and personal belongings including phone, GPS, keys, glasses, flashlight and much more. No tools are required: squeeze to open the wide rubberized jaws that operate with two powerful stainless steel springs. Includes two strong hook & loop straps with nylon buckles that can be inserted in various configurations to secure your gear. The bottom caps unscrew for easy cleaning and access for long objects including fishing poles. Available in Black and White. Originally $19.95 On Sale $17.95!
Yeti Beverage Holder And Rod Holster Image Yeti Beverage Holder And Rod Holster
Both items will slide securely into the AnchorPoint Tie down slot. Allows an extra place for a beverage or rod holder. The cooler is still easily accessible.
Yeti Security Cable and Bracket Image Yeti Security Cable and Bracket
Perfect for securing your cooler to your truck, dock, or area where it could be taken. A high strength carbon steel lock bracket fits into the Yeti AnchorPoint Tie Down slot with a 6ft long 5/16" braided steel cable. Comes with adjustable lock that holds tight in position.
Bucket Base Image Bucket Base
A unique yet simple design allows you to keep all your buckets securely in place on deck during your boating trip. Simply push your 5 gallon bucket into the Bucket Base, and the bucket stops here. Bucket and accessories sold separately. Available in White.
Stow N Go Rod Saver Image Stow N Go Rod Saver
Keep your rod and reel from leaving the boat when running on rough days by using the Stow N Go "hook and bungee" system. Loop the hook through the bungee around the rail, or loop around the reel and hook to the gunnel or the bottom of the rod holder. 4pk.
Spin Reel Cover Image Spin Reel Cover
Made from coated nylon and 3mm neoprene. Slips over reel and wraps around rod easily.
Power Cable/Hose Holder Image Power Cable/Hose Holder
Slides in the rod holder and helps hold the power cord or hose out of the way, or out of the water.
So Lo Boarder Base Image So Lo Boarder Base
For your safety and convenience when boarding a boat. A two piece unit for easy storage when not at the dock.
Instant Hot Seat Image Instant Hot Seat
Now even the small boat owner can have the advantage of a fighting chair. Hot Seat fits most coolers without any modification.
Sealine Dry Baja Bags Image Sealine Dry Baja Bags
Baja Bags are versatile vinyl bags that keep gear dry. To assure the greatest possible protection, buckles, straps and other attachments are sewn first to reinforced vinyl plates, then welded to the bag for waterproof integrity. No stitching penetrates the bag fabrics. These bags are available in Zip Duffle, Baja, Baja Shoulder and See Bags.
Fast Feat Bucket Board Image Fast Feat Bucket Board
The better way to use your bucket. Fits any 2, 4, 5 or 6 gal. bucket. Lightweight, easy to clean, will not stain or dull your knife, knife storage slot, permanent 17" ruler. Bucket Board can also be used as a seat that swivels 360°. Bucket not included.
Sealine Dry Zip Duffle Bags Image Sealine Dry Zip Duffle Bags
Versatile vinyl bags that keep gear dry. To assure the greatest possible protection, buckles, straps and other attachments are sewn first to reinforced vinyl plates, then welded to the bag for waterproof integrity. No stitching penetrates the bag fabrics. Available in Blue.
Anti-Fatigue Mat Image Anti-Fatigue Mat
This non-skid mat absorbs an amazing 81% of hull shock. UV and saltwater resistant. Designed by boaters for boaters. 16" x 39". Available in colors White (1), Grey (3) and Black (4).
Sealine Dry See Bags Image Sealine Dry See Bags
Versatile vinyl bags that keep gear dry. To assure the greatest possible protection, buckles, straps and other attachments are sewn first to reinforced vinyl plates, then welded to the bag for waterproof integrity. No stitching penetrates the bag fabrics.
Fish Flags Image Fish Flags
Fish flags are raised on the outrigger to show what you have caught. Red Release flag is raised in conjunction with other fish flags to indicate that fish were released at boat side. Dive flag warns passing boats to watch out for divers or swimmers. All square flags 12" x 18". All rectangular flags measure 18"w x 12" h. The Release and Tag flags measure 13.5"w x 9.5"h. The Small Wire Release flag measures 6"w x 5"h.
Waterproof Electronic Case Image Waterproof Electronic Case
Keep your valuables dry. Use electronics without removing them from the case. Great for GPS units, cell phones, radios, etc. Seal Lock closure for guaranteed water tight submersible performance.
Non-Skid Cooler Keepers Image Non-Skid Cooler Keepers
Keep coolers, tackle boxes, cutting boards or anything else that can slide, in place. This mat is made with a Sultan non-slip underlay and treated to prevent odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Bound on all sides with 1" polypropylene webbing. Mats fit coolers from 25qt to 162qt.
Motion Eaze Image Motion Eaze
An incredibly effective and reliable motion-sickness treatment. Whether you want to prevent occasional motion sickness or ease its symptoms after the fact. No matter if it's sea sickness, car sickness or any activity where motion is a problem, it really works. Motion Eaze is an oil that you put behind the ear. So you do not have to worry about taking a pill.
Insulated Fish Keeper Bag Image Insulated Fish Keeper Bag
Insulated fish keeper bag encased with closed cell foam. Features double-stitched vinyl shell with nylon handles. Place fish inside insulated bag with ice to sustain the original weight, then zip bag to keep cool. Clean bag easily with soap and water. Corrosion resistant, readily folds for storage. Ideal for king mackerel, wahoo, cobia and dolphin.
Quease/EASE Aromatic Inhaler Image Quease/EASE Aromatic Inhaler
To soothe queasiness due to motion sickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy. 100% pure and natural, drug-free and non-drowsy. Relief is just a breath away. When an overall sense of queasiness occurs, take a few deep breaths of QueaseEase for an instant feeling of comfort. Repeat often for best results.

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