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Gaffs & Tailer

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Gaffs & Tailer

These fine quality gaffs from Aftco, Right Rigger and others, will help you get your catch in the boat. The Aftco Tailer is a device for landing and releasing fish unharmed.
12" Stainless Flying Gaff Hook Image 12" Stainless Flying Gaff Hook
Fits Aftco Tapered Flying Gaff handle.
Release Ruler Image Release Ruler
The Release Ruler features a PVC coated vinyl strip with a brass ring at each end. To help measure the fish you have caught put a small lure at one end of the fish, lay the strip out and run your gaff hook thru the other. Fish Rulers available for: Altantic Sailfish, Pacific Sailfish, Mako, Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish and Tarpon.
Aftco Tapered Tip Aluminum Gaffs Image Aftco Tapered Tip Aluminum Gaffs
Anodized aluminum handle is in a rich gold to resist corrosion. Tapered at the end so it can be maneuvered easily through the water. All 2" and 3" hooks 5/16" stainless steel. The 4" hooks are 3/8" stainless steel. All gaffs are heavy-duty and come with foam grips. Made in the USA.
Aftco Tapered Tip Fly Gaff Image Aftco Tapered Tip Fly Gaff
The shafts are 6 ft. long with 1 3/8" butt diameters. Anodized aluminum handle in a rich gold finish for beauty and resistance to corrosion, fitted with two black, non-slip grips. A machined aluminum gimbal at the butt end holds rope securely. Pole will float. Gaff handle and hook sold separately. (fits all hook sizes). Made in the USA.
Fly Gaff Rigged With Rope Image Fly Gaff Rigged With Rope
Spliced to the Fly Gaff hook is 30 ft. of 1/2" nylon rope.
Aftco Fiberglass Gaffs Image Aftco Fiberglass Gaffs
Features special thick-walled, super strong, yet lightweight E-glass handle construction, custom designed for extreme strength and rigidity. Seine Cord & Turk's head are finished with epoxy for durability and extra tackiness when gripped with wet or slimy hands.
Economy Gaffs Image Economy Gaffs
Floating Gaffs. Aluminum handle gaff with stainless steel hook, black vinyl grip. Gaffs 48" and over have double grips.
Aftco Tailer Image Aftco Tailer
Finally a device for landing and releasing fish such as cobia and tarpon unharmed. May be used over the head or tail. Made of aluminum and strong stainless steel cable with heavy-duty ball bearing swivel to prevent the fish from twisting loose. MFG#: MST-1, Handle: 4', Dia: 20'. Made in the USA.

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