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Aloha Lures

Captain Erik Rusnak has been fishing and designing offshore lures in Hawaii for over thirty years. Based on observation and function, each shape is finely tuned for the most consistent and desirable swimming action. The crystal clear resin heads take on the colors of the skirt materials creating superior attraction qualities. The mirror and shell inserts are bright and highly visible drawing strikes from all predatory game fish. Aloha Lures are hand made in Hawaii and can be found on top producing boats around the world. Aloha Lures are perfect for catching all varieties of Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi and Ono.
Aloha Machine Teaser Lures Image Aloha Machine Teaser Lures
Aloha's Machine is a "must have" for all blue marline spreads. The lure has been proven time and time again to raise marlin in all parts of the world. A broad slant face combined with a mirror insert creates enough commotion to drive the pickiest of marlin to strike.
Aloha T-Bone Lures Image Aloha T-Bone Lures
The T-Bone lure is another one of the "greats" the come from Aloha's selection of lures. This short slant head lure runs great in both the short and long position in a "big fish" spread. This lure comes with a Mother of Pearl insert and clear resign that takes on the shades of the skirts it is skirted with.
Aloha Kona Mongo Lures Image Aloha Kona Mongo Lures
The Kona Mongo is a great rough weather lure. This concave head is most noted for its ability to create huge bubble trails, which mimic fish in distress. The Kona Mongo comes with a mirror insert and clear resin head, which takes on and reflects the colors it is skirted with.
Aloha Smash Lures Image Aloha Smash Lures
Smash Bait says it all. This lure is most noted for its big fish catching capabilities and is a must when targeting big marlin. The Smash Bait comes with a mirror insert and crystal clear resin that takes on and reflects the colors of the skirts it is skirted with.
Aloha Mongo Lures Image Aloha Mongo Lures
The Mongo series come in three different sizes and are designed to cover light, medium, and heavy tackle. This flat face lure has an erratic swimming action that drives fish crazy. The Mongo series all come with mirror inserts.
Aloha Beauty Lures Image Aloha Beauty Lures
The Beauty series are in a league of their own. Visit any marlin destination in the world and you are likely to find a Beauty being pulled in a spread. Although small this lure is known to produce fish, and big ones at that. The concave head helps the lures run true in rough conditions and produces a hard swimming action. The Beauty comes with mirror inserts and clear resin inserts that take on the color of the skirts it is skirted with.
Aloha Ninja Lures Image Aloha Ninja Lures
Aloha's Ninja lures were originally created for catching all species of gamefish however are rapidly becoming known for their billfish catching abilities. The lures run best from either the long or center rigger. They have a swimming action much unlike any other standard lure, which separates itself from the rest of the lures in your spread. Many times it is that "unconventional" swimming action that is needed to get fish to strike. Ninja lures available in Head Colors : Blue Top Shade (10), Black Top Shade (40), Green Top Shade(20), Purple Top Shade(30).

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