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The Boone Bait Company has been crafting the finest in fishing lures for over a quarter of a century and is totally dedicated to the creation of artificial lures that attract and catch fish. Boone lures uses only the finest quality materials and the company stands firmly behind its products and customers.
UV Bait Hoochie Rigged Image UV Bait Hoochie Rigged
These squid rigs will catch a multitude of fish. Designed to troll easily and stay at the surface. Squids are 4 ¾" long and are rigged with 2 - 3/0 hooks. Available colors: Pink Haze (01), Chartreuse Haze (03), Green Onion (05), Jellyfish/Glo Stripe (07), Pink/Purple Stripe (09), Purple Chartreuse Nuclear (10).
Boone Gatlin Big Game Jet lures Image Boone Gatlin Big Game Jet lures
A larger version of the popular Gatlin Jet Lure. Features 16 jet holes to make an extremely large stream of bubbles to attract big game fish. Available in two sizes and the following colors: Black/Purple (31), Blue/Pink (33), Dolphin (44), Red/Black (62), Blue Mackerel (92), and Green/Chartreuse/Orange (182).
All Eye Lure Image All Eye Lure
A 6 1/2" all purpose lure that can easily be rigged with natural bait or trolled by itself. Comes rigged on 130lb mono with a 6/0 Mustad hook. Available in colors: Black/Red (101), Purple/Black (104), Green/Yellow (182), Dk Blue/Silver (247) and Purple/Pink (274).
Boone Gatlin Jet Lure Image Boone Gatlin Jet Lure
The Gatlin Jet Lure fires bubbles through multiple ports creating an exciting bubble trail. Rigged with 7/0 hooks, 7" length, 2 3 /4oz. Available in colors: Purple/Black (104), Blue/Silver/Pink (105), Blue/Black/Chartreuse (119) Chartreuse/Multi (121).
Chrome Jet Head Lures Image Chrome Jet Head Lures
Take your pick of these great lures with two popular style heads and fish catching skirts. Offered with a Bullet Jet Head or a Flat Slant Jet Head. Available in the following colors: Black/Purple Mylar (104), Blue/Silver/Pink Mylar (105).
Flare Touts Image Flare Touts
These lures feature a streamline squid head design, heavy duty hardware and a 4 1/4" skirt. Available in three sizes and four great colors: Black/Purple (104), Blue/Pink/Silver (105), Green/Yellow/Orange (182) Pink/Yellow/White (190). Includes 1 head and 3 skirts. * Denotes Lead Warning.
Greeny Lure Image Greeny Lure
This lure has been a fish producer for years. Troll on top or down deep, with beads or a strip. Weight: 2 1/2 oz, Lenght: 12".
H.B. Special Image H.B. Special
Trolled on the surface, the flexible vinyl skirt and translucent beads create a stream of bubbles. Rigged on 110lb. test stainless steel cable with 7/0 stainless hook. Available in Dolphin (44), Black/Orange (58), Black/Red (62), Blue Silver Fleck/Yellow (92), Purple/Pink (99).
Sea Minnow Rigged Lures Image Sea Minnow Rigged Lures
These 6" lures are rigged and ready to go. The 511 Sea Minnow has a bullet head and weighs 2 oz. Available in the following colors: Orange/Yellow/Green (86), Pink/Purple/Yellow (99), Green/Yellow (44), Flying Fish (94).
Prerigged Tuna Eye Feather Image Prerigged Tuna Eye Feather
Just as attractive as the Tuna Eye, but has feathers added to give the lure a different action. Also rigged on 100lb mono leader with 6/0 fang hook. 5" length and 1 oz. Available in colors: Dolphin (01), Mackerel (02), Zucchini (03), and Purple/Black(07).
Tuna Eyes Image Tuna Eyes
This lure is rigged on 100lb mono leader with a fang hook. Is great for catching dolphin, tuna and sailfish at any trolling speed. 12" length and 2.5oz. Available in colors: Dolphin (01), Mackerel (02), Zucchini (03), Carrot (05), and Goatfish (06),

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