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Bost Lures represent some of the most successful marlin lures in the world. In addition to the marlin lures the series now includes tuna and wahoo heads. Made from aerospace resin, the same material used on the canopies of F16 fighter jets, these lures will not crack, break, chip or discolor. Because of the unique molding process, the lures require no extra polishing when removed from the molds. This means all lures are exactly the same and will run the same all the time. All inserts are positioned and balanced exactly to run consistently under all sea conditions. All lure shanks are designed to use stock quick tie-on skirts effectively eliminating messy glues and adhesives.Custom design your own lures. Select the lure style you wish to purchase then select two skirts. For best results we recommend either a multi colored octopus skirt over a solid skirt or two different solid skirt colors.
Bost Reckless & BGB Lures Image Bost Reckless & BGB Lures
The Bost #5 Reckless won the BBC Championship in 2005 and has caught some big marlin all over the world. This slant face marlin lure has great popping and side to side motion the big girls just can't stay away from. The Bost #6 BGB is the little sister to our #5 Reckless. Its smaller size makes it irresistible to marlin, tuna and large mahi. Its slant face creates a popping diving motion fish can't resist. All Bost Offshore Trolling Lures are Handmade in the USA from the finest materials. Made from aerospace resin, our lures will not crack, break, chip or discolor. Our unique molding process requires no extra polishing after molding which guarantees all Bost Lures will be consistent and run the same all the time.
Bost Billfish Buster Image Bost Billfish Buster
Just like its name suggests, the Bost Billfish Buster is the standard in offshore trolling lures for marlin. This slant face offshore lure comes in 3 size 18", 12", and 10". Having all three makes a perfect lure for the trifecta of Marlin, Dolphin and Tuna.
Bost Caicos Smash Image Bost Caicos Smash
This flat faced offshore trolling lure comes in two sizes 14" and 12" making it a must for Marlin and Tuna fisherman anywhere in the world. The Caicos Smash moves some serious water on the short rigger or flat lines bringing in pelagics from far and wide.
Bost Madeira Magic Lures Image Bost Madeira Magic Lures
Named after the island considered by some to be the Grander capital of the world, the Bost Madeira Magic in sizes Small or medium are a must when chasing that legendary monster Marlin. It's cup jet tracks a beautiful smoke trail marlin and tuna can't resist.
Bost Cay Pasa Lure Image Bost Cay Pasa Lure
This big game marlin lure has it's share of tournament wins and granders in it's history. The Bost #69 Cay Pasa is a must for any serious marlin fisherman with its kona slant jet head. Skirted size is about 16" with size 60 skirts.
Bost 58 Stripes Lure Image Bost 58 Stripes Lure
This offshore trolling lure catches almost any offshore pelagic. The slant head on the Bost #58 Stripes causes a great plunging and popping action behind the boat. Run it long when you can for great results. Skirted size 12" with size 30 skirts.
Bost 57 Cayman Candy Image Bost 57 Cayman Candy
This jet head offshore lure is a great all all around choice for marlin, large tuna and dolphin. The Bost #57 Cayman Candy has a jet head that causes a beautiful bubble trail behind the boat. Great in any location, this offshore lure is a must for any blue-water fisherman. Skirted size: 12" with size 50 skirts.
Bost Bill Buster Lures Image Bost Bill Buster Lures
The Bost Bill Buster series has an impressive cup face that throws white water up to 2 feet in the air. It's popping and diving bringing the pelagics from long range. Available in Small, Medium, and Large for a wide rage of target species.
Bost 46 Polynesian Plunger Image Bost 46 Polynesian Plunger
The Bost #46 Polynesian Plunger is the ultimate in big game lures. It's slant face create incredible action and is a marlin favorite on the short flat.
Bost Tuna Lures Image Bost Tuna Lures
Some of the most productive tuna lures for over 40 years. Select the skirt colors shown or design you own winning combination.

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