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Planer Kit
A complete outfit for hi-speed planner trolling. Ideal for catching Kingfish, Wahoo, Tuna or Grouper. Kit includes #8 hi-speed planner, 30ft rope, leader holder, double snap swivel, butterfly snap, rubber bands and storage case.

Stone Crab Cracker
A must for the Stone Crab lover! Simply place claw or knuckle under lower bar and press down firmly with handle.

SFE Fishing Kite The Ultimate Fishing Kite by SFE!
The high performance kite that simplifies kite fishing. It also eliminates the use of multiple kites, changing sticks and lost fishing time.

Kite Thongs
The new Kite Thong allows the angler to do away with tying helium filled balloons to kites during low or no wind conditions.

Kite Fishing Float
These fluorescent floats enable the angler to easily keep track of the location of the baits in the water.

Black's Three Pin Kit
Three different color kite pins, pre-drilled with different size holes so you can fish three baits on one kite. Made in the USA.

Williamson Live Little Tunny
The Little Tunny when trolled at 7 - 9 knots swims under the normal offshore trolling lures, adding another depth to your spread.

Mustad 8in Non-Slip Pliers with Sheath
Mustad heavy duty 8in Non-Slip needle nose pliers with sheath. Complete with monofilament/wire cutters and a built in crimper function.

Carlson Bird
This 12" bird was designed and engineered to be the best bird on the market. It features the best qualities of the classic wooden bird with the upgraded features of a high impact plastic construction.

Eco Lure Spoons
Stainless steel split ring. 9/0 Mustad hook. Stainless steel body with prism tape. 5 1/2".

X-RAP 10,15,20 &30
High speed trolling, rattling, deep diving Magnum. Dives to depths of 5ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, and 30ft.

Red Eye Aluminum Bullet Head Trolling Lures
The "Original" Red Eye Trolling Lures are built from and anodized aluminum. The 3-dimensional prismatic red eyes give the appearance of baitfish in distress.

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