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Mustad 8in Non-Slip Pliers with Sheath
Mustad heavy duty 8in Non-Slip needle nose pliers with sheath. Complete with monofilament/wire cutters and a built in crimper function.

Bubba Blade Flex Knives
The Bubba Blade is coated with a non-stick surface that is bonded with Titanium that will help prevent rusting and pitting.

Combination Sharpening Stones
These stones have a coarse side for rapid sharpening and a fine side for producing a keen edge. They are recommended for sharpening steel tools as well as knives.

Z Wings
Z wings take a lot of the guess work out of downrigger fishing. The smooth hydrodynamic design puts you in complete control of depth and lateral location of your line.

Braid Marauder
A true tracking lure of choice for wahoo and tuna fishermen around the world. This lure can be pulled up to 12 knots.

Cedar Plugs
One of the most proven devices for catching Tuna. Also, ideal for wahoo, sailfish, yellowtail, marlin, dorado, stripers.

Deluxe Rigging Kit
Kit contains - Copper Mini Barrel Double Sleeves: 125 each - 1.0ID Black, 1.3ID Black, 100 each - 1.6ID Black, 1.9ID Black, 2.2ID Black; Aluminum Single Sleeves: 100 each - 1.5ID, 1.7ID, 2.0ID, 2.3ID; Stainless Steel Thimbles 50 each - Small, Medium; Nylon Thimbles 50 each - Large; Mini Deluxe Hand Crimper and Sturdy Tackle Box.

Single Hook Stiff Rig
This rig features a stainless 7732 hook and is ready to rig.

Double Hook Wahoo Rig
This rig features two hooks positioned at 0°. Available with 7754 hooks or stainless 7732 hooks. Great for catching Wahoo.

Black Magic Belt & Harness Set
Find out what the Anglers from Down Under have discovered, The "Equalizer" from New Zealand.

Williamson Live Little Tunny
The Little Tunny when trolled at 7 - 9 knots swims under the normal offshore trolling lures, adding another depth to your spread.

Kershaw 1283 3.5" Bait Knife
Kershaw's 1283 Bait Knife is partially serrated for general use and has a smooth edge to glide through flesh, while the serrations take care of tough bones and cartilage.

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