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Elec-tra-mate 940-XP

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*Elec-tra-mate 940-XP
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Designed for Penn's Big Senators. Easily attaches to 9/0, 10/0, and 12/0 reels. Features a prowerful permantent magnet motor with delivers the power needed to fish over 2000 ft. deep and bring those big fish to the surface. Comes standard with toggle switch and case hardened gears. Rigged includes 940XP 12/0, deep dropping rod, 130lb Spectron and ball bearing snap swivel.

Order #DescriptionRetrive SpeedPrice
C24-940299/0 reel333 fpm$739.95
C24-9403910/0, 12/0 reel333 fpm$739.95
C24-94099Rigged 12/0 Reel/CH SWC3 TurboRod333 fpm$1299.95
Elec-tra-mate 940-XP

Lindgren-Pitman S1200

Penn/Capt. Harry's Wire Line Combo

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