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Custom Penn International VSX Tournament Reels

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*Custom Penn International VSX Tournament Reels
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Have you ever wanted an American made reel that was customized strictly for you? Your color, your engraving, your reel. It is now possible for you to customize your choice of PENN International V Series Big Game reels with different colors as well as engravings! Be one of the first anglers at your marina to have a truly custom PENN reel! There are a total of seven colors to choose from as well as six engravings to make your reel stand out as one of a kind. CUSTOM ENGRAVING AVAILABLE In order for a reel to be truly custom we added engravings as an option. As a result we are proud to offer four popular gamefish and the American flag. You can choose the custom engraving option to ad your boat name or any other text to the sideplate. Each engraving will be sized proportionally for the left sideplate depending on the model you purchase. Custom Engraving has the following options: Cobia, Dolphin, Kingfish, Mako Shark, Marlin, Penn Logo, Sailfish, Snook, Striper, Tarpon, Tuna, USA Flag, Wahoo and Yellowtail. ANODIZED PIECES AVAILABLE All PENN International V Series Big Game reels consist of four separate parts that can be anodized different colors to match your style. If you ever wished you could change the colors on a PENN reel to match your boat, now you have that option. You can even mix colors on the reel to make it truly customized. A maximum of any two colors may be chosen per reel. CUSTOM PENN INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT REELS No other reel has done more to shape the world of offshore big game angling. These reels are designed and used by professional fishermen worldwide. The anodized finish protects the inner working of tempered stainless steel gears and shielded ball bearings. These reels have become the "gold standard" of excellence among anglers. W-Denotes Wide Spool. Made in the USA.

Order #Mfg #StyleLine CapacityGear RatioPrice
C72-1868712VSXCColor525yds/80lb Mono$629.95
C72-1868812VSXEEngraving525yds/80lb Mono$629.95
C72-1852516VSX-CColor1000yds/16lb Mono4.25:1/1.5:1$649.95
C72-1854216VSX-EEngraving1000yds/16lb Mono4.25:1/1.5:1$649.95
C72-1868912VSXCEColor/Engraving525yds/80lb Mono$679.95
C72-1854316VSX-CEColor/Engraving1000yds/16lb Mono4.25:1/1.5:1$699.95
C72-1854730VSX-CColor700yds/30lb Mono3.8:1/1.6:1$699.95
C72-1854830VSX-EEngraving700yds/30lb Mono3.8:1/1.6:1$699.95
C72-1854930VSX-CEColor/Engraving700yds/30lb Mono3.8:1/1.6:1$749.95
C72-1855350VSX-CColor550yds/50lb Mono3.1:/1.3:1$749.95
C72-1855450VSX-EEngraving550yds/50lb Mono3.1:/1.3:1$749.95
C72-1855550VSX-CEColor/Engraving550yds/50lb Mono3.1:/1.3:1$799.95
C72-18562130VSX-CColor1000yds/130lb Mono2.2:1/1.2:1$1399.95
C72-18563130VSX-EEngraving1000yds/130lb Mono2.2:1/1.2:1$1399.95
C72-18564130VSX-CEColor/Engraving1000yds/130lb Mono2.2:1/1.2:1$1449.95
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