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Malin Stainless Leader Wire

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*Malin Stainless Leader Wire
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Product Details

The finest grade USA-made stainless steel single strand leader wire is coffee color, strong and reusable. Can be twisted to eliminate the use of sleeves and crimping from the end of your line to the hook. Made in the USA.

Order #Size# TestDiameterLengthPrice
C96-00225229lb.01142 ft Coil$1.30
C96-00325331lb.01242 ft Coil$1.40
C96-00425440lb.01342 ft Coil$1.45
C96-00525543lb.01442 ft Coil$1.45
C96-00625661lb.01642 ft Coil$1.55
C96-00725780lb.01842 ft Coil$1.75
C96-00825893lb.02042 ft Coil$1.75
C96-009259108lb.02242 ft Coil$1.95
C96-0102510127lb.02442 ft Coil$1.95
C96-0122512200lb.02942' Coil$2.25
C96-0152515278lb.03542 ft Coil$2.55
C96-0192519400lb.04742 ft Coil$3.25
C96-0191419400lb.0471/4 Lb Coil$6.75
C96-0151415278lb.0351/4 Lb Coil$6.95
C96-0121412200lb.0291/4 Lb Coil$7.25
C96-0101410127lb.0241/4 Lb Coil$7.80
C96-009149108lb.0221/4 Lb Coil$8.40
C96-00814893lb.0201/4 Lb Coil$8.55
C96-00714780lb.0181/4 Lb Coil$8.95
C96-00614661lb.0161/4 Lb Coil$9.95
C96-00514543lb.0141/4 Lb Coil$11.25
C96-00214229lb.0111/4 Lb Coil$11.75
C96-00314331lb.0121/4 Lb Coil$11.75
C96-00414440lb.0131/4 Lb Coil$11.75
C96-0190119400lb.0471 Lb Coil$25.15
C96-0150115278lb.0351 Lb Coil$26.35
C96-0120112200lb.0291 Lb Coil$27.25
C96-0100110127lb.0241 Lb Coil$29.25
C96-009019108lb.0221 Lb Coil$31.75
C96-00701780lb.0181 Lb Coil$32.25
C96-00801893lb.0201 Lb Coil$32.25
C96-00601661lb.0161 Lb Coil$37.25
C96-00501543lb.0141 Lb Coil$42.25
C96-00401440lb.0131 Lb Coil$42.95
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