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Monofilament Line

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Monofilament Line
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Sufix Superior Premium Line

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*Sufix Superior Premium Line
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A premium grade all purpose monofilament line is a favorite of anglers worldwide. Use for high performance fishing, with physical attributes that withstand stress and abrasion in the toughest fishing conditions. Available in Clear or Hi-Vis Neon Yellow.

Order #Spool Size# TestYds / SpoolDiameterPrice
C94-614081/4 lb8 lb1720.28mm$9.75
C94-614101/4 lb10 lb1495.30mm$9.75
C94-614121/4 lb12 lb1100.35mm$9.75
C94-614151/4 lb15 lb840.40mm$9.75
C94-614201/4 lb20 lb670.45mm$9.75
C94-614251/4 lb25 lb535.50mm$9.75
C94-614301/4 lb30 lb450.55mm$9.75
C94-614401/4 lb40 lb370.60mm$9.75
C94-614061/4 lb6 lb2155.25mm$10.80
C94-611121 lb12 lb4395.35mm$38.95
C94-611151 lb15 lb3370.40mm$38.95
C94-611201 lb20 lb2670.45mm$38.95
C94-611251 lb25 lb2145.50mm$38.95
C94-611301 lb30 lb1785.55mm$38.95
C94-611401 lb40 lb1450.60mm$38.95
C94-611501 lb50 lb1075.70mm$38.95
C94-611601 lb60 lb830.80mm$38.95
C94-611801 lb80 lb655.90mm$38.95
C94-620202.2 lbs./1kg20 lb5875.45mm$72.95
C94-620252.2 lbs./1kg25 lb4710.50mm$72.95
C94-620302.2 lbs./1kg30 lb3950.55mm$72.95
C94-620402.2 lbs./1kg40 lb3275.60mm$72.95
C94-620502.2 lbs./1kg50 lb2405.70mm$72.95
C94-620602.2 lbs./1kg60 lb1825.80mm$72.95
C94-620802.2 lbs./1kg80 lb1445.90mm$72.95
C94-621002.2 lbs./1kg100 lb12051.00mm$72.95
C94-640204.4 lbs./2kg20 lb11745.45mm$139.95
C94-640254.4 lbs./2kg25 lb9440.50mm$139.95
C94-640304.4 lbs./2kg30 lb7895.55mm$139.95
C94-640404.4 lbs./2kg40 lb6550.60mm$139.95
C94-640504.4 lbs./2kg50 lb4810.70mm$139.95
C94-640604.4 lbs./2kg60 lb3655.80mm$139.95
C94-640804.4 lbs./2kg80 lb2890.90mm$139.95
C94-641004.4 lbs./2kg100 lb24051.00mm$139.95
C94-641304.4 lbs./2kg130 lb16401.20mm$139.95
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