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Dear Carl Liederman,
I would like to thank you for your generous contribution to the Florida
Coastal Conservation S. T. A. R. Tournament... Winning this scholarship will give me more time to study without having this huge financial burden.
Thank you again.


Dear Mr. Liederman,
Thanks for sponsoring the FCCA Fishing Tournament. I loved the event and the college scholarship is a great prize. Now, I have to teach my youngest sister how to fish. Thank you again.


Dear President,
I have ordered things from your catalog, and I think that you are one of the best fishing supply distributors around. I am 14 years old and I love to go fishing. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on your catalog. I feel that I can trust your equipment to stand up to any test that I can give it out on the water. I really appreciate your drive for quality equipment. A few times, cheap, cheesy fishing supplies have disappointed me over other mail order services, but every time I use your company, I get quality equipment that doesn't let me down.


Dear Mr. Liederman,
This is just a short note to express my appreciation for your support of the 1997 CCA S. T. A. R. Tournament. My teenage son and I were extremely excited when we first heard about the tournament, joined CCA to participate and even attended a pre-tournament fishing seminar in order to prepare for it. As the tournament progressed over the summer though, I began to wonder if my two daughters, who had done very little fishing before, might enjoy the experience as well. Their response to my suggestion was shocking and embarrassing. One daughter said, "I have been waiting and hoping that you would take me fishing for a long, long time." The tournament turned into a family affair. We fished during the day and mapped out strategies in the evenings. As you can imagine, our family grew very close over the summer. I am now the proud father of three avid fishermen, fisherpersons. Thank you again for your sponsorship.


Dear Mr. Liederman
Your generosity in providing prizes to the finalist in the most recent Florida CCA/S.T.A.R. Tournament is very much appreciated. The lure of fishing for the big prize of a fine fishing boat was real exciting to me and got the attention of a lot of other anglers. There were many of us who exhibited a lot of extra effort in a quest for a winning fish. For those of us who didn't finish first in our divisions we certainly appreciated the conciliatory prizes contributed by tournament sponsors, like you. I thank you for your generous contribution of this years S.T.A.R. Tournament and hope you can see your way clear to support this tournament again next year.

Thank you very much.

Capt Harry's Staff
A week ago I sent a letter requesting some warranty help with my Penn 105C... I had a broken click spring. I mailed a letter to your staff with not much information, I think I put down "a broken drag clicker thingy." Not the best of descriptions for making a repair. Having received my click spring in the mail I am ready to get my full set of gear back on the boat. I appreciate your super fast assistance getting me back on track. Hats-off to you and your crew for a job well done!


Dear Carl,
Writing to thank you and your company for your support of the CCA Tournament. My daughter and my son both participated along with my wife and I. We had some great family outings and spent a lot quality time together. Hope you will continue to supports the CCA in the future.


Dear Kim,
I have been a diver and a spearfisherman for years, but the excitement and sportsmanship of saltwater anglers has finally caught up to me. So, I have recently re-equipped my center console boat for fishing. Being relatively new to the sport, I decided to try the two suppliers I had heard the most about- Capt. Harry's, and another (well known company). My package arrived in mint condition from Capt Harry's in three days, subsequent to a conversation with a sales staff that understood the needs of a beginner, and that willing to take the time (and had the knowledge) to assist me. My (other order) was placed 15 days ago-still waiting...

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