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Butcher steel, sharpening stones, pocket stones, bench stones,steel files, hook file and hook stone, electronic knife sharpeners - Capt. Harry's has the sharpeners you need for your knives and hooks.
Two Stage Sharpener Image Two Stage Sharpener
Simple to use, quickly restores blade by running it over the ceramic wheels.
Edgemaker Model 1000 Image Edgemaker Model 1000
Three sharpening steps in one tool (sharpens, hones, and polishes / straightens the edge) ·Features: ·Unbreakable, high-impact plastic handle ·Durable butcher steel sharpening rods ·Hold Here area for safety ·Don't Hold Here area for safety ·Edge Guide for placing the sharpener securely against the table edge ·Gunsight Aligner for a centered edge ·Thumb Guide for safe use when sharpening knives with odd shaped blades ·Dishwasher safe ·Made in the USA
Leader Release Knife Image Leader Release Knife
Handy way to release all game fish. Can double as a mate's safety knife. May be hand held or is attachable to a pole.
Big Game Diamond Files Image Big Game Diamond Files
This three pack gives you tha ability to select the correct file for your specific sharlening needs.
EZE-LAP Diamond File Image EZE-LAP Diamond File
1"x5" Diamond surface, double-sided, 600 grit, rubberized plastic handle.
EZE-LAP Carbide Sharpener Image EZE-LAP Carbide Sharpener
Easy to use, just draw the carbides across the blade edge on the knife lightly and carefully. Repeat 3-5 times. Read sharpening directions on package. Originally $9.95 On Sale $8.95! 
Electric Diamond Hone Sharpener Image Electric Diamond Hone Sharpener
Chef's Choice® Diamond Hone® Model 110, is a patented 3-stage electric sharpener. Using orbiting 100% diamond abrasives and magnetic guides, it gives the full blade of a knife a sharper, longer-lasting edge. Knife not included.
Diamond Stones for Docks & Gunwales Image Diamond Stones for Docks & Gunwales
These stones are made with counter sunk holes for mounting on docks, boats or fish boxes. No oil or water is necessary. Fine Grit. Grit Chart Super Fine = 1200 Grit Fine = 600 Grit Medium = 400 Grit
Diamond Bench Stones Image Diamond Bench Stones
These stones are suitable for larger knives, and are mounted on a walnut pedestal. The surface will remain true and flat. No oil or water is necessary. Grit Chart Super Fine = 1200 Grit Fine = 600 Grit Medium = 400 Grit
Two Sided Bench Stone Image Two Sided Bench Stone
Two different Stones built on one pad. A fine grit on one side and a medium grit on the other. 3 in x 8 in.
Flat Diamond Pocket Stones Image Flat Diamond Pocket Stones
These diamond stones come with leather sheaths, and are perfect for knives and hooks. Grooved for fish hooks, the surface will remain true and flat. No oil or water is necessary. Fine Grit.
Diamond Hone & Stone Model L Image Diamond Hone & Stone Model L
These diamond pads are 3/4" x 2" and are very effective in hard to reach places. They are mounted on a 6" plastic handle, and used primarily for sharpening hooks and knives. Grit Chart Fine = 600 Grit Medium = 400 Grit
Combination Sharpening Stones Image Combination Sharpening Stones
These stones have a coarse side for rapid sharpening and a fine side for producing a keen edge. They are recommended for sharpening steel tools as well as knives.
Steel File & Case Image Steel File & Case
This high quality 8" steel file comes with a sturdy handle and leather case.
Model CP212 Big Game Hook Sharpener Image Model CP212 Big Game Hook Sharpener
Ergonomic grip for comfort, high carbon steel files molded into handle, fast and easy to use.
Steel File Image Steel File
This high quality 8" steel file will give you more surface to sharpen the bigger hooks.
Sharp Hook File Image Sharp Hook File
Top quality high-carbon steel file with ultra fine cutting edge for sharpening hook to a razor sharp point. 4" blade.
Hook Stone Image Hook Stone
A small hand stone with a groove in it for hook sharpening. The perfect size to fit in your tackle box tray.
Ice Pick Set Image Ice Pick Set
Non-rusting stainless steel, unbreakable plastic handle, fiber sheath and metal bracket for mounting. Made in the USA.

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