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Rod Accessories

Now that you’ve got the rods, here’s how you can protect, organize and store them. You’ll also find a few other rod accessories here too! We even have rod cases that is excellent for shipping or transporting your rods.
Cush-It Rod Butt Protector Image Cush-It Rod Butt Protector
Cush-It is a quick and easy replacement for a rod belt. It fits on any rod and can be used in the standing or seated positions. Cush-It floats if dropped overboard and can be easily stored in any small space on your boat or on the bottom of a rod holder. From heavy offshore trolling gear to light inshore spinning rods Cush-It has a spot in every angler's tackle bag or boat. 10 and 6.5 Inches in lenght. Available in Silver, Yellow, Pink and Blue.
Bazuka Rod Cases Image Bazuka Rod Cases
Telescoping, contoured, blow-molded construction makes the Bazuka Rod Case virtually indestructible. Features a hinged door for easy loading and unloading, molded carrying handle and padded foam ends for maximum rod protection. Completely lockable for added security. Airline approved. 4" Diameter.
Fishing Rod Tether Image Fishing Rod Tether
Unlike most other safety lines on the market, this ten-foot rod tether recoils to half its size so there isn't a mess of rope or line in the cockpit. Wide loop attaches to rail, fighting chair, or other secure area, and the heavy stainless steel clip fastens to reel to help protect gear from being forever lost in the water. Heavy nylon line stretches to 10ft and recoils to 5ft.
Tuna Tower Rod Saver Straps Image Tuna Tower Rod Saver Straps
These safety straps keep your rods and reels from bouncing out of their holders, also eliminating rods and reels from flying out when hitting waves or rough waters. Straps hold the rod into the rod holder that are located on your tuna tower, rocket launcher or T-Top. 4 per pack.
Capt. Harry's Reel Saver Image Capt. Harry's Reel Saver
Attach it to your rod and reel and prevent them from going overboard. Nylon available in blue and black. 10 ft. long.
Rod Rings Image Rod Rings
The rod rings fit between the butt and the rod on a detachable butt. Use the eyes as a hook holder or attach a safety line to keep everything from going over. Fits a #2 or #4 butt. Available in either Gold (01), Silver (02) or Black (03).
Two Piece Rod Rings Image Two Piece Rod Rings
The same great features are now available in a two piece version. Available in colors: Gold and Silver.
Rod Huki Image Rod Huki
Designed as a support that attaches to your rod, the Rod Huki gives you a full range of motion. Changing the position of the rod during a hook-up adds leverage and gives the angler control of the catch. Being able to shift positions during a hook-up will increase your stamina, letting you out last the fish. All this adds up to comfort and convenience to the angler. Made in the USA.

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