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Lure Skirts & Accessories

Build just the right lure to bring in your winning catch or bring your lures back to life with Capt. Harry's selection of lure building materials, skirts and accessories. Capt. Harry's selection of skirts are correctly shaped and are full of action in the water. The colors are radiant, very attractive and will compliment any bait or lure head and attract numerous fish strikes.
Pop Eyes Image Pop Eyes
These 3-D eyes are 0.75" in diameter. These pop-eye stickers come in three colors: Clear Halo, Chartreuse, and Red. 8pk.
Multi Color Lure Skirts Image Multi Color Lure Skirts
Use these skirts to rig our new Lure Selection Custom Handmade Lures, or rig your old favorites. * 8", 14" and 16" skirts only available in colors indicated by an (*).
6" Tuna Tails Image 6" Tuna Tails
Irresistible in front of ballyhoo, mullet, trolling feathers, other baits and lures. 6" skirts available in colors: Black/Red (01), Purple/Pearl/Black (04), Silver (15), Pink/White (23), Orange (28), Blue/White (47), Hot Pink (64), Chartreuse (87), Chartreuse/Orange/Black (93).
Moldcraft Skirts Image Moldcraft Skirts
Available in two styles. Tuff tail skirts used on lure heads are soft, yet super tough. The back is flat to avoid fouling. Pearl tail skirts produce a smoking effect and also cause the lure to vibrate. The Pearl tail should be used as an outer skirt with the standard tuff tail as the inner skirt. Just glue on with Zap or Krazy Glue. Pearl Tail available in Pink (05), Silver/Metal Flake (11), Green (12), Black/Metal Flake (13), Fire Orange (14), Milk White (16), Canary Yellow (17). Tuff Tail available in the following colors: Fl Yellow (03), Red (04), Pink (05), Dk Blue (06), Purple (07), Silver/Metal Flake (11), Green (12), Black/Metal Flake (13), Fire Orange (14), Milk White (16), Canary Yellow (17).
Tri Rigging Beads Image Tri Rigging Beads
For rigging lures. Used as spacers from head to hook. Puts out a stream of fish attracting bubbles. Available in a variety of colors.
Moldcraft Hooker Bubbler Heads Image Moldcraft Hooker Bubbler Heads
Design your own rig. Same heads as Senior and Standard lures. Designed for maximum water disturbance and smoke trails. Colors: Green, Orange, Silver, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Black. Made in the USA.
12" Skirt Tape Image 12" Skirt Tape
Skirt reflectors jazz-up those new or old lures and make them real fish catchers. The reflective tape attracts fish. Available in colors: Gold (22), Dk Blue (23), Green (24),Lt Blue (28) and Sparkle (35).
Eyes Image Eyes
Holographic eyes available in 1/2" diameter (30pk) or 3/4" diameter (14pk).
Decorative Tape Image Decorative Tape
Three 2" X 6" sheets that may be cut to any desired shape with a knife or scissors. Fish Scales and Laser Stripes tape available in colors: Silver (21), Dk Blue (23), Green (24), Red (25), Lt Blue (28), Orange (29), Hot Green (36), Chartreuse (37), Hot Pink (38), and Purple (39). Specialty patterns include Retro (351) and Holoform (931).
Scalloped Tape Image Scalloped Tape
This tape is used to put around the lure heads to make them more attractive. 36" roll. Available in colors: Blue, Green and Pink.
Zap A Gap Image Zap A Gap
Used when bonding skirts to lures.
Zap Glue Image Zap Glue
Best product available for gluing skirts to lures. One or two drops are all that's necessary. Very strong. 1-oz bottle.
Waxed Rigging Floss Image Waxed Rigging Floss
Available in three spool sizes and in 30lb, 50lb, and 70lb test. Natural.
Canyon Gear Heavy Duty Dredge Pin Rigs Image Canyon Gear Heavy Duty Dredge Pin Rigs
Rigged with # 19 heavy duty stainless wire. Available in two styles: "Naked" just for bait or "Dredge Head" for both the lure and bait. 6PK. Available in sizes: 2oz, 3oz, and 4oz
Solid Lure Skirts Image Solid Lure Skirts
Use these skirts to rig our new lure selection Custom Handmade Lures or rig your old favorites. We have listed a recommended skirt lure of your choice. Colors: Orange (04), White (11), Red (03), Dark Blue (01), Pink (08), Light Blue (02), Yellow (05), Purple (07), Black (10), Green (06), Silver (09).
Iland Silk Image Iland Silk
Bring your lure back to life. Do you have an Ilander lure with snarls and tangles? Use their conditioner to take care of the problem. 8oz spray bottle comes with comb.
Boone Octopus Skirts Image Boone Octopus Skirts
Extremely productive for catching tuna, dolphin or sailfish. These vibrant skirts excite fish with their colors. The octopus skirts are distinguished by their vinyl-like softness and gentle action in the water to magnetize fish. Available in the following colors: Blue/Pink/Silver (105), Blue/Yellow/Silver (247), Chartreuse/Green/Orange (182), Hot Pink (164), Pink/Yellow/White (190), Purple/Black (104). Glow (010) available in 3.5" and 4.25".
Senior Replacement Skirt Image Senior Replacement Skirt
Now you can make your own winning lure color combination with these inner skirts. Available in colors: Black (10), Dk Blue (06), Lt Blue (08), Green (12), Orange (14), Pink (05), Purple (07), Red (04), Silver (11), White (16) and Yellow (03).
Pre Waxed Thread Image Pre Waxed Thread
A fine quality, pure pre-waxed thread for sewing baits. Does not slip, holds tight. Also used for whipping, stitching and repairing canvas, synthetic sails and fabrics. Flat or round lay. Natural or white.

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