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Spinning Reels

Our spinning reels include those from Fin-Nor, Accurate, Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Penn and Okuma. You'll find a wide price range from the very affordable spinning reel all the way to the most precise spinning tackle you will ever experience.
Daiwa Corporation Image Daiwa Corporation
One turn of the handle and you'll feel the difference Daiwa's gear design makes. Super-smooth, super-powerful, it's that unmistakable feel of quality. Yet with all its advanced features, Daiwa's spinning reels very affordable price make it an exceptional value.
Okuma Image Okuma
The Okuma focus is a pure and total dedication to development, raising the standards of what we can produce and what is expected, with an eye always to value. Okuma finds inspiration in fishermen, from the weekend warrior to tournament pros.
Penn Products Image Penn Products
Penn Spinning Reels feature designs for improved performance and reliability. Holding true to Penn tradition, their Spinning Reels are constructed to withstand the harsh saltwater environment, while providing unsurpassed performance.
Quantum Image Quantum
Quantum's spinning reels are truly world-class and lead the way in both value and performance. Whether you're fishing the Keys and the Gulf, or charting new territory in the islands of the Pacific, Quantum spinning reels are built to take on any challenge.
Shimano America Image Shimano America
Saltwater fishing demands certain features of a reel to handle the abuse of a corrosive environment as well as a stubborn, drag burning game fish. The spinning reels Shimano makes have addressed those concerns taken into account. They offer reels that have smooth drags with plenty of line capacity and the advanced inner workings to handle day in and day out conditions that fishermen encounter on the water.

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