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Bucktail jigs, nylon jigs, mylar jigs, feathered jigs - they come in all sizes and shapes, and each is designed to imitate a baitfish of some sort. And for fish catching ability, these lures, cast for cast, out fish all other lures. Jigs work in any depth of water, but generally, the deeper you fish, the heavier the jig.
Shimano Waxwing Jigs Image Shimano Waxwing Jigs
Shimano Waxwing is the next generation of Sub-Surface swimming jigs for saltwater fisherman. Simply cast the jig and point your rod tip straight towards the jig, then start reeling. This jig swims side-to-side in a zigzag motion with an irregular kicking action which triggers the fish to strike. Available in colors: Blue Sardine, Pink/White, Chartreuse, Black/Chrome, Sandeel.
Slayer XXX Jig Heads Image Slayer XXX Jig Heads
The original pressed eye bucktail jig. Xtra sharp & strong Mustad Black Nickel Hook. Xtra durable triple dipped finish. Xtra aggressive bait holders. ** Denotes color is the weedless model
Pompano Jigs Image Pompano Jigs
These nylon jigs feature the finest fibers available, heavy duty corrosion resistant saltwater hooks and handcrafted quality and durability. Available in White and Yellow. 2pk.
Arrow Head Jigs Image Arrow Head Jigs
In white (0) or yellow (2). 1pk.
Capt. Hank Brown's Hookup Jigs Image Capt. Hank Brown's Hookup Jigs
Jig heads can be tipped with shrimp or plastic tail to make a proven deadly lure. Comes with Mustad needle sharp hooks. Available colors: Chartreuse (02), Glow (12), Pink (05), Pearl (04) and Orange (03). 5 pack.
Capt. Harry's Flats Jigs Image Capt. Harry's Flats Jigs
These jigs are custom designed, and used by anglers to target specific species of shallow water gamefish. Ideal for REDFISH, BONEFISH, SNOOK, SEA TROUT or PERMIT. These jigs will ride hook up and can be fished slowly in shallow water without snagging the bottom. 1pk.
Got-Cha Heads Image Got-Cha Heads
Head for any style plastic tail, 3 sizes in 4 fish catching, chip-resistant colors. Ten heads per pack. White (01), Orange (08), Red (09), Chartruese (10).
Hookup Lures Image Hookup Lures
Hookup Lures ® Inshore Premium Bucktail are made with VMC PermaSteel hooks for maximum strength, sharpness and durability. Available in three different weights: 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 1/2oz. Colors available: Yellow (02), Red Head w/White Bucktail (09), and White Head w/White Bucktail (10). *1/2oz available in color (10) only. 1pk.
Hooties Eyes Image Hooties Eyes
Used for and work great on trout, bonefish, snook, redfish, jack, snapper and other bay fish. 1/4 oz with 1/0 hook. 1 pack.
Hydro Jigs Image Hydro Jigs
Use these jigs to pursue most Gamefish. These jigs feature a forged Mustad hook, pearl synthetic skirt and long trailer worm. Available in the following colors: White Head/ Pearl Skirt (02), Chartreuse Head/Pearl Skirt (05). 1pk.
Kingfish Jigs Image Kingfish Jigs
All time party boat favorite. Can be rigged to use with a ballyhoo and double 6/0 hooks. Use hook 34091D to double rig. 1pk.
Limabean Bucktail Jigs Image Limabean Bucktail Jigs
These economically priced bucktail jigs are available in the famous Upperman, flat head shape with genuine deertail. 1pk.
Pee Wee Yellowtail Jigs Image Pee Wee Yellowtail Jigs
Available in white (1) and yellow (2). 4 pk.
Phillips Wiggle Jigs Image Phillips Wiggle Jigs
One of the most famous jigs of all time! Unique head design creates a natural wiggle upon retrieve and it rides "hook-up" to come across obstacles easily. 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz. Great for bonefish or permit. 1pk.
Pilchard Jigs Image Pilchard Jigs
Number one jig that imitates baitfish. Great kingfish catcher. Has bucktail with mylar strip. 1 pk.
Pompano Egg Head Jigs Image Pompano Egg Head Jigs
Nylon dressed in yellow (2) or white (1). 1 pk.
Robalo Special Image Robalo Special
A backcountry secret no-longer. You can catch any fish with this jig. 1 pk.
Skimmer Jigs Image Skimmer Jigs
These handcrafted bucktail jigs are great for shallow water/inshore fishing and come with a 2/0 hook. Available in colors: Pink (1), White (2) and Yellow (3). 1 pk.
Tout Bucktail Jigs Image Tout Bucktail Jigs
With a holographic finish for extra flash and the finest hair - this jig is deadly. Add a soft plastic for another style of great action. Comes in colors: White (02), Pink (05), Chartreuse (04) and Shrimp (06).
Z's Jigs Image Z's Jigs
The Lava and Crusher jig heads are available in colors: Yellow/Chartreuse (2), Green/Chartreuse (3), Pink (5), and White (6).

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