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Outrigger Poles, Holders & Kits

Outrigger Pulleys, Clips, & Accessories

Outrigger Pulleys, Clips, & Accessories Image

Outrigger Pulleys, Clips, & Accessories

Do it yourself or add to your outrigger setup. We have a complete line of outrigger accessories from Aftco, Malin, Rupp's Black's, Schaefer and Tripese.
Ronstan Single Block Pulleys Image Ronstan Single Block Pulleys
Block pulley, used for dredges and rigging Outriggers. Single Block, swivel head with shackle. All with ball bearings. Fits up to 1/4" - 3/8"line.
Harken Carbo Airblock Pulley Image Harken Carbo Airblock Pulley
Replace your teaser ring and eliminate friction with this Carbo Airblock pulley. Featuring a double roller you can fish your teaser in any position. Comes with a shackle and swivel head. Fits line 3/8" (40mm).
Ronstan Pulleys Image Ronstan Pulleys
Block pulley, used for dredges and rigging Outriggers. The single has a swivel head and shackle, and the double and triple are shackle head. All with ball bearing. Fits up to ¼" line 20mm.
Cam Cleat Tensioner Image Cam Cleat Tensioner
Used for rigger lines, the Cam Cleat Tensioner features hardcoat anodized aluminum construction. Smooth line entry allows easy line engagement and the ball bearings spread the load allowing smooth and easy cam rotation. Available in three sizes.
Schaefer Marine Tag Line Retriever Image Schaefer Marine Tag Line Retriever
Put on outriggers to retrieve the line when lure has been hit. Gold weighted slide has rubber bumpers to prevent scratching and chipping.
Tag Line Return Image Tag Line Return
These tag line returns automatically retrieve tag line when the lure has been hit. Prevents tag line from dangling in water. Sold by the each.
Momoi Outrigger Mono Image Momoi Outrigger Mono
Great for double outrigger lines. Use one O/R line in Fl Yellow and the other in Blue so you know which line to grab when you are in a hurry and trying to get another bait out. Comes with 50 yds of 400b mono. Available in Colors: Fl Yellow, Blue or Red.
Halyard Tensioning System Image Halyard Tensioning System
Installs easily! Tight lines are certain with this system. The HTS system is designed to keep your outrigger halyards tight against the tensioning ball when the outriggers are in the stow position. When the outriggers are in the fish position, pull the tensioning ball against the locking cam for the desired tension, tighten and lock in place. Systems available in complete outrigger rigging kits or as individual components.
Hal Lock Image Hal Lock
A single, double or triple locking pulley that is simply used on your Outriggers. Just a push with your thumb and it locks the line in place. Available in 3 sizes: 6", 9", 12". Black. Sold individually.
Shock Cord & Halyard Pulley Image Shock Cord & Halyard Pulley
Heavy-duty 3/8-inch shock cord, 12 inches long.
Shock Cord & Snaps Image Shock Cord & Snaps
1/4-inch shock cord with stainless steel snaps. Available in three lengths: 8", 16" and 20".
Tournament Grade Outrigger Pulley Kit Image Tournament Grade Outrigger Pulley Kit
Kit is designed to double-rig a set of outrigger poles. Includes 2 heavy-duty shock cords, 2 halyard pulleys, 2 double pulleys, 1 single pulley and rigging instructions.
Pulley's Image Pulley's
Outriggers pulley and halyard pulley used in conjunction with a shock cord makes operating outriggers or tag lines easy.
Aftco Roller Troller Image Aftco Roller Troller
Outrigger clips with ball bearing rollers to eliminate friction and wear on your fishing line. Body is a molded composite material to prevent rust or corroding. Stainless rollers have "Aftcote" teflon-coated bearings. 2 Pack.
Aftco Roller Troller Flat Line Clip Image Aftco Roller Troller Flat Line Clip
A release for lines trolled from the stern of your boat. Lowers your line to the water to minimize tangling especially in strong winds. Made in the USA.
Outrigger Release Clip Image Outrigger Release Clip
This release clip should be attached directly to outrigger halyard. Lightweight, large diameter, gold titanium-nitride coated wire bail for less wear and smoother releases. Each.
Tripese Outrigger Clips Single Image Tripese Outrigger Clips Single
Adjustable arm allows you to fish a free line. Adjusts to troll a 2 oz feather or a 5lb bait. 2 Pack. Made in the USA.
Tripese Outrigger Clips Double Image Tripese Outrigger Clips Double
Adjustable free line tension arm and a lower tension washer for tight line. 2 Pack. Made in the USA.
Rupps Outrigger Clip Image Rupps Outrigger Clip
Pulls any bait or artificial with tangle-free performance. Easy one hand operation. Roller guide helps prevent chafing. 2pk.
Black's Release Clip Image Black's Release Clip
Designed especially to keep outrigger line and fishing line from fouling, gives a clean release, has a release arm, a tension adjustment and the versatility to be used with an outrigger, downrigger or kite. Made of nylon, brass and stainless steel. Sold individually. Made in the USA.
Flag Clip for Outrigger Line or Antenna Image Flag Clip for Outrigger Line or Antenna
The easiest way to fly flags. Just attach to your halyard, outrigger line or antenna. Stainless so it will not corrode. 2 Pack.
Outrigger/Transom Clip Image Outrigger/Transom Clip
A sturdy black pin with stainless steel eyes and spring. Sold individually.
Dropback Release Image Dropback Release
Adjustable release can be attached to your rod for instant drop back. Leave your spin, troll or casting reel in free spool with the click on, when the fish hits put the reel in gear and fight the fish. Comes complete with a tension adjustment screw so you can adjust the tension as you desire. Made in the USA.
Glass Eye Image Glass Eye
These dependable glass eyes are ideal outrigger "eyes" that long outlive plastic rings.
Clear and Black Rubber Bands Image Clear and Black Rubber Bands
Great for briddling bait. Available in Clear (9), Large also available in Black (8).
Rubber Bands Image Rubber Bands
For tag lines.
Outrigger Pulley Image Outrigger Pulley
For use with outrigger lines.

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