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Rigging Tools, Needles,Tape, Wire & Accessories

The small stuff can make all the difference in the world. Capt. Harry's features all of the components you need to rig your gear including: needles, deboners, tape, snaps, monel and copper wire, pre-waxed thread, rigging tape and an assortment of lead. Our assortment of tools includes wire cutters, mono nippers, shears, forcepts and sheaths.
Quick-Slide Sinker slide Image Quick-Slide Sinker slide
Quick-Slide Sinker slide World's only quick change sinker-slide. Features duolock snap and twist 'n lock. EZ release. 3 Pack.
Bait Bridles Image Bait Bridles
Metal clips allow anglers to quickly attach baits to hooks. Does away with the need to use floss or rubber bands to bridle baits. No special pliers or tools necessary. Virtually eliminates fouling. 10pk,
UV Rubber Bands Image UV Rubber Bands
Black rubber bands made with a UV resistance so they will last longer in the heat and sun. Comes in one-pound bag.
Soft SS Wire Image Soft SS Wire
30 piece tube of 20lb soft stainless rigging wire. Available in 9" or 14".
Reddi, Rattle, Float Image Reddi, Rattle, Float
Used in both Saltwater and fresh water fishing. Ideal for grassy marshes and shallow waters. Using either artificial baits or live and dead bait. The floats can be cast out and retrieved back with a popping click. Comes in two styles: 2 ½" oval and 3" cigar. Both weighted either yellow or red.
Deboner Image Deboner
A stainless steel tube designed to help remove the backbone from dead bait such as mullet, mackerel, ballyhoo for an easy swimming action.
"O" Rings Image "O" Rings
Used to rig ballyhoo with a circle hook. Twist on a copper or monel rigging wire. Rig ballyhoo, put circle hook through "O" ring. And you're ready to go. 200pk
Waxed Rigging Floss Image Waxed Rigging Floss
Available in three spool sizes and in 30lb, 50lb, and 70lb test. Natural.
Manley 7" Nippers Image Manley 7" Nippers
Stainless steel monofilament cutters are precision machined with heavy serrated blades for a clean cut. Features a safety lock and shock absorbent handle grips. 7" long.
Bench Tool Image Bench Tool
Mounted on a piece of wood, ready to use. Crimps 1/32", 3/64", 1/16", 2/32" and 1/8" size sleeves. Crimper is 17" long.
Momoi Diamond Mono Cutters Image Momoi Diamond Mono Cutters
Diamond fishing products mono cutters are a precision machined stainless steel 7" hand tool that provides a smooth cut on even the largest sizes of monofilament. Stainless steel construction with formed hand grips insures a comfortable, long lasting tool.
Quick Shot Needles Image Quick Shot Needles
In a convenient pouch, 7 needles and 1 threading needle for splicing and making top shots & wind-on's, from 30lb - 550lb.
DaHo Threading and Splicing Needles for Braid and Dacron Image DaHo Threading and Splicing Needles for Braid and Dacron
DaHo threading and splicing needles are available in two convenient kits. Kit "A" features One Medium Reverse Latch Needle, One Medium Loop Splicing Needle and Seven Threading Needles: 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, 150lb, 200lb, 300lb and 400lb . Kit "B" is the ultimate kit for virtually any splicing or threading job containing 21 needles. Includes: Three Reverse Latch Needles: Small, Medium, Large; Five Loop Splicing Needles: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large; 13 Threading Needles:20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, 150lb, 200lb, 300lb, 400lb, 500lb. Charts Reverse Latch Needle Size Outer Dia Small .050" Medium .042" Large .050" Loop Splicing Needles Size Outer Dia X-Small .025" Small .0355" Medium .042" Large .05" X-Large .065" Threading Needles Size Inner Dia 20lb .017" 30lb .020" 40lb .023" 50lb .026" 60lb .032" 80lb .038" 100lb .042" 130lb .047" 150lb .053" 200lb .060" 300lb .070" 400lb .077" 500lb .091"
Victorinox Fish and Game Shears Image Victorinox Fish and Game Shears
Cut through fish and game with this quality shear. Features shear 4" blade and comfort grip break-proof handles.
Stainless Steel Closed Eye Needle Image Stainless Steel Closed Eye Needle
With a knifesharp point to make rigging baits easier. The eye is the same size as the needle preventing large holes in bait.
Special Open Eye Sewing Needles Image Special Open Eye Sewing Needles
For use in sewing strips together and rigging larger, whole baits like mackerel, bonito, mullet, squid or small dolphin. 2pk.
Rigging Needle Image Rigging Needle
Used for pulling bead chain hooks, hooks, rigging wire, mono leaders, wire leaders, etc., through a bait 9" 3pk.
Monel Tie Wire Image Monel Tie Wire
This wire is for rigging baits. Comes in a 300' spool.
Pre Waxed Thread Image Pre Waxed Thread
A fine quality, pure pre-waxed thread for sewing baits. Does not slip, holds tight. Also used for whipping, stitching and repairing canvas, synthetic sails and fabrics. Flat or round lay. Natural or white.
Copper Rigging Wire Image Copper Rigging Wire
Used for wrapping ballyhoo bills, rigging baits and break-away leads, etc. Comes in a tube with 50 wires.
Egg Sinkers Image Egg Sinkers
We carry a complete selection of sinkers, all made of pure lead and true to weight. This sinker is used mainly as a weight for bottom fishing, and other fishing rigs. Also used for rigging swimming baits. Sold by the pound. * Denotes Lead Warning.
Bank & Pyramid Sinkers Image Bank & Pyramid Sinkers
The bank is recommended for wreck, reef, or drift fishing while the pyramid is for holding bottom in the surf. Sold by the pound. * Denotes Lead Warning.
Ball Weight Image Ball Weight
Used for downrigger fishing.
Tape Image Tape
Vinyl tape for wrapping lures and marking trolling wire. Available in an array of colors. 3/4" x 20 ft.
Swivel Eye Snap Image Swivel Eye Snap
Burnished cast bronze, has a 3/4" eye, 3/8" ring size snap opening and is 4 1/16" long. * Denotes Lead Warning.
Baby Snaps 0, 1 & 2 Image Baby Snaps 0, 1 & 2
Fast eye boat snap, bronze or stainless. Used for outriggers, harnesses, canvas tops and tag line slides.
Stainless Rings Image Stainless Rings
2" Stainless Rings used for Kite Fishing, and Outriggers.
Stainless Alpine Snap Image Stainless Alpine Snap
Alpine Snaps are used in making safty lines, tag lines, replacement shaps. on harnesses, and flat line clips. .
Sampo Stainless Split Rings Image Sampo Stainless Split Rings
Used to attach hooks to plugs, spoons, lures, etc. Available in chrome finish.
Split Shot Assortment Image Split Shot Assortment
* Denotes Lead Warning.
Popping Floats Image Popping Floats
Used in trout fishing, kite fishing, bridge and pier fishing, and on the outriggers to keep the release clip out of the top guide. All sizes sold in singles.
Round Plastic Float Image Round Plastic Float
Easy to put on your line and cast it out. Helps your bait stay off the bottom. Red/White. Sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 2".

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