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One of the most effective artificial baits is the spoon. Spoons of various sizes and configurations account for catches of virtually every type of fish species. The techniques for effectively fishing a spoon are relatively simple and easily learned. Even as the spoon is trolled or as it sinks to the bottom, its built-in action and shiny finish flashes like a beacon to feeding fish.
Twisty Jigging Spoons Image Twisty Jigging Spoons
These jigging spoons features curved ends so the spoon splashes across the surface to excite hungry predators on retrieval. Great for Bonita, Small Tuna and Jack Crevalle.
Johnson Minnow Spoons Image Johnson Minnow Spoons
The "Original Weedless Wonder" comes out clean and weed-free every time. Thirty-five degree wobble rocks back and forth but won't roll and twist line. Designed for long casts. Available in colors: Gold, Racy Shad and Silver.
Reflecto Spoons Image Reflecto Spoons
The vigorous and erratic wobble of the step down ridges reflect a diamond crispness, irresistible to most saltwater game fish. Made of solid brass and nickel chrome finish.
Casting Spoons Image Casting Spoons
Casts like a shot and has an irresistible wiggle, like live bait. A lure fish can't resist. Can be cast, trolled or jigged. A light reflecting chrome over brass finish. Comes complete with treble hook.
Drone Spoons Image Drone Spoons
Drone Spoons are made of solid, highly polished stainless that is totally unaffected by water conditions anywhere in the world. There is no plating to corrode, chip or peel. Hooks are of the highest quality forged O'Shaughnessy pattern, with filed hollow points, double-tinned over cadmium plating. Unconditionally guaranteed against breakage. The rings are solid nickel silver, and are silver-soldered for greatest strength. Replacement hooks are available. Made in the USA. Click on image to see available colors.
Eco Lure Spoons Image Eco Lure Spoons
Stainless steel split ring. 9/0 Mustad hook. Stainless steel body with prism tape. 5 1/2".
Flats Intruder Image Flats Intruder
A weedless flats spoon used in the Gulf to attract fish big or small. Great for Redfish, Trout, Snook or Tarpon. Available in colors: Gold (1), Silver (2), Black (3) or Copper (4).
Tony Accetta Pet Spoons Image Tony Accetta Pet Spoons
Combines the best features of other spoon-type baits with exclusive features of its own. Used effectively throughout the United States, as well as most foreign countries. The "Pet" spoon has a unique fish-catching wounded minnow action. The diamond finish is flashback type with yellow feather. Super for wahoo or kingfish. + Chrome/Feather only.
Clark Squid Spoon Image Clark Squid Spoon
A highly proven fish producer for both fresh and saltwater game fish. Scientifically designed to give the life-like motions of a bait fish. Diamond-shaped for maximum reflection. Features chrome plated brass and Mustad hook. Excellent for both casting and trolling. (RBM-Red Bead). Now available with Chartreuse Flash (CF).

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