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Teasers, Teaser Reels & Daisy Chains

Dredges & Spreaders

Accessories & Lures for Dredges, Spreaders & Daisy Chains

Teasers, Teaser Reels & Daisy Chains Image

Teasers, Teaser Reels & Daisy Chains

Teasers and Daisy Chains skitter across the surface behind the boat wakes, skipping to the rhythm produced by the motors. When a fish strikes pull the teaser away and present an offering with a hook in it such as a live bait, dead bait, or an artificial lure. By this time the game fish is so worked up it races over and gobbles up what hits the water! Teaser reels are a quick and easy way to effectively bring up your teaser or daisy chain.
Marlin Mudflap Teasers Image Marlin Mudflap Teasers
These mudflap teasers are made to silhouette a tuna or a large stripbait. Big fish are attracted to the large shadow given off by the teaser and because of the way its made, pulling this teaser is easier then most other teasers that have a lot of bulk to them. The mudflaps can be trolled from the bridge or the transom. Add it to a Daisy Chain or Bowling Pin and it silhouettes a Tuna busting bait.
Reel Color Teaser Reels Image Reel Color Teaser Reels
Components are machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, anodized in a platinum color and given a 20 minute seal for top quality. You can also match a boats color scheme and have the reel(s) powder coated in a wide variety of colors. Comes standard in platinum. Available in 8" or 10" reels. Both have an adjustable drag, loud clicker and padded EVA handles.
B.A.T. Teaser Image B.A.T. Teaser
The B.A.T. "Bad Ass Teaser" replicates a small school of Tuna or Bonita swimming with a trailer Islander Express (may be used with or without a hook) running behind the chain, which may be rigged with or without bait. Rigged with five 13" Mud Flaps and one Islander Express as a daisy chain.
Electric Teezer Reel with Remote Image Electric Teezer Reel with Remote
Features: Ability to set "Home" and "Fish" position behind the boat. Alarm function to Alert Angler if a fish grabs the lure. Has Variable Speed Control to adjust for sea conditions. Wireless Remote Key Fob for operation in cockpit or tower and can control 2 Teezer reels in one remote. Power to pull lures or dredges. Designed for flat installation under T-Tops, Hardtops, Marlin Towers, Tuna Towers and Radar Arches. Each spool Line Capacity is 300 feet of 300lb mono. Silver 8" spools. Available in 12V. 24V units available upon request.
Elec-tra-mate Teaser Reel Image Elec-tra-mate Teaser Reel
This 12 volt Elec-Tra-Mate Electric Teaser Reel is designed for flat installation under T-Tops, Hard Tops, Marlin Towers and Radar Arches. Holds 300ft of 300lb mono. Available in a silver or powder coated white spool with a white housing. Made in the USA.
Lulu & Little Lulu Teaser Image Lulu & Little Lulu Teaser
This world famous teaser is also known as the bowling pin teaser. It is used extensively from Australia and Hawaii to St. Thomas. Available in Dolphin (6), Bonito (7) and Mackerel (8).
Ultimate Pin Teaser Image Ultimate Pin Teaser
This spread involves a daisy chain of bowling pin-like teasers that are set 15 to 20 feet behind the boat. They swim beneath the surface resembling a school of frantic darting Dolphin, Mackerel or Bonita.
Lighthningbolt Teaser Image Lighthningbolt Teaser
Designed to attract fish. Feature mirrored inserts on each side. Lenght: 21 1/2" Weight: 3 lb.
Big Kahuna Teaser Image Big Kahuna Teaser
The 21" Big Kahuna is the Grand Master of billfish teasers. As it darts side-to-side, the sun reflects off its plexi-glass mirrors that, when combined with its loud rattle, make it detectable to predators from extreme depths. An excellent rough water teaser, it stays 2-3 feet deep at the incredible speed range of 4-18 knots. Available in the following colors: Pink (12), Chartreuse (10), Green (11), Black (08).
Mirror Mate Teaser Image Mirror Mate Teaser
The Mirror Mate, combining erratic action with the flashing of its plexi-glass mirrors, enables you to fish a field of vision over five times as large as that with ordinary teasers. 13". Available in Red (03), Chartreuse (02), Blue.(01)
Carlson Bird Image Carlson Bird
This 12" bird was designed and engineered to be the best bird on the market. It features the best qualities of the classic wooden bird with the upgraded features of a high impact plastic construction. Also features a welded stainless steel thru wire, internal belly weight and a stainless steel ball bearing swivel. Available in colors: Blue Chrome (1), dolphin (4), Rainbow (5), and Black/Red (8).
Boone Sundance Teaser Image Boone Sundance Teaser
A mirrored teaser that looks like a strobe light in the water. Best trolled from either a cleat or rigger, just out of the white water. Use Sampo ball bearing swivel or snap swivel.
Boone Birds Image Boone Birds
Constructed of urethane foam to prevent absorbing water. A stainless steel thru-wire construction is employed for added strength. It should be attached to the snap swivel of your leader, then approximately 12-15 feet of leader should be attached to your trolling lure. Available in the following colors: Orange (01), Pink/Blue (30), Dolphin (44).
Boone Bird Daisy Chain Image Boone Bird Daisy Chain
Same strong and lasting construction as the Boone Birds, the Bird Daisy Chain has five 4 1/2" birds rigged together on 11 ft of 300lb mono. Available in Orange (01), Pink (11) Blue (30), Dolphin (44).
Boone Squid Image Boone Squid
Amazing action and fish-catching ability. The most successful lure for giant tuna. Available in Natural (08), Amber (07).
Daisy Chain Image Daisy Chain
The Boone Daisy Chain features five 9" squid, rigged together to make a super effective teaser. These daisy chain rigs are 9 ft. long. Available in colors: Glo (00), Amber (07), and Natural (08).

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