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We have plugs for every fishing adventure. Our manufacturers include Rapala, Yo-Zuri, MirrOlure, Mann's, Braid, Boone, Bagley, Woodchopper and more.
Heddon Image Heddon
The Heddon Company was founded in 1902 to sell the lures, originally made by hand in the Heddon family kitchen in Dowagiac, Michigan. By 1910 they had a sales distributor in Canada and a new factory in Dowagiac. By 1950 the Heddon brand name was well known and they were producing over 12,000 lures a day.
Mirrolure Image Mirrolure
Boone Image Boone
Boone specializes in saltwater sportfishing lures and accessories. All Boone products are developed in Florida, the home base of US gamefishing. Boone products are high-quality and respected by gameboat captains worldwide.
Mann's Image Mann's
MirrOlure manufacturers traditional mirror finish lures. Choose the perfect one for every type of fish and fishing condition. Mann's brand, readily recognizable by its Indian head logo, carries a reputation unparalleled in the industry for high quality and superior performance.
Rapala Image Rapala
Normark Rapala. If you want to catch fish, Rapala lures have proven time and time again that they produce under every fishing condition. Each lure has a baitfish action that big fish can not refuse. So, if your tackle box does not include Rapala lures, you're probably more interested, in fishing than "catchin'.
Yo-Zuri Image Yo-Zuri
For over 50 years, Yo-Zuri has been the leading manufacturer of quality fishing lures. Yo-Zuri products are known worldwide as the most innovative and effective of their kind. Experienced anglers know that Yo-Zuri lures catch fish like no other brand.
Trailblazer Image Trailblazer
Trailblazer Fishing Company is a specialist saltwater fishing tackle supply company,with the base of operations in Cape Town, South Africa. High quality and specialist products are imported(Mostly from the USA) or custom made,offering both professional and recreational anglers the very best tackle for "Extreme" stand-up fishing to general recreational fishing.
Braid Image Braid
Braid Products is committed to moving the sport forward by providing anglers around the world the finest in lures, fighting belts, harnesses, and accessories.
Bomber Image Bomber
Bomber Lures manufactures the finest crankbaits and jerkbaits for bass and other gamefish, including the legendary Fat Free Shad series and Long A.
Guides Secret Image Guides Secret
These are the very finest lures, developed by professional Captain Frank Crescitelli and his team of captains and local “sharpies.” After guiding thousands of clients to tens of thousands of fish, they know what works, and now, so will you.
Soft bait plug fishing lures were developed by hard-core fishermen, and offer you an unfair advantage. These lures are made of soft plastic and resemble real shrimp, crabs, and a variety of bait fish.
One of the most effective artificial baits is the spoon. Spoons of various sizes and configurations account for catches of virtually every type of fish species. The techniques for effectively fishing a spoon are relatively simple and easily learned. Even as the spoon is trolled or as it sinks to the bottom, its built-in action and shiny finish flashes like a beacon to feeding fish.
The use of Heavy Metal Speed Jigs for jigging has been a staple in the fishing circles of the Pacific Rim for the past 20 years. And while it has been used some on the West Coast of the U.S., it has only recently been exposed to the entire country. At present there are several companies producing these products including Braid, Williamson and Hopper. Several ancillary products are a must when using these products. Split rings and solid rings are part of the system. Hooks are attached to either the solid or split rings.
Bucktail jigs, nylon jigs, mylar jigs, feathered jigs - they come in all sizes and shapes, and each is designed to imitate a baitfish of some sort. And for fish catching ability, these lures, cast for cast, out fish all other lures. Jigs work in any depth of water, but generally, the deeper you fish, the heavier the jig.

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