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Kite fishing is a centuries-old method of fishing that has been perfected by anglers. A popular method of fishing in South Florida for many years, the fishing kite earned its reputation for numerous catches of sailfish, and in the last decade, anglers have been using the kite to catch more species with greater success. Learn how to increase your catch, anchoring and drifting techniques, use of bait, and how to cover large fishing areas.
Kite Release Clip Wire Image Kite Release Clip Wire
A clip wire allows you to fish up to 4 lines on one kite. The Kite Release Clip Wire is available in four sizes that allows certain size swivels to run through it. The swivel will stop at each size it is made for. This allows you to put up bait on your kite line. If only fishing 3 lines you can use the fourth size to put up a line if one of the 3 you are fishing pops out. Clip sold separately.
The Parachute Sea Anchor Image The Parachute Sea Anchor
Ideal for maintaining your position over your favorite fishing grounds, especially while kite fishing. The Parachute Sea Anchor will reduce your drift up to 90%. Easy to use, the sea anchor is kept inside a bag, which is tossed overboard where it automatically deploys in the water. The Parachute Sea Anchor is 15ft long, 10ft in diameter and weighs 20lbs. Comes complete with deployable stowage bag, heavy duty shackle float line and instruction manual. Swivel accessory sold separately.
Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Kite Reel & Combo Image Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Kite Reel & Combo
Quiet and powerful with the advantage of a programmable Auto-Stop and manual winding option should you lose power. Combo option comes rigged with line, 3pin, and kite rod.
Lewis Fishing Kites Image Lewis Fishing Kites
Out with the old, in with the New. The traditional Bob Lewis Kites have been up graded. A new fabric weave kite has now taken the old six styles and combined them to four. Flying just as well, if not better. Now the kites fly X-tra Light/Light, Med/Heavy, X-tra Heavy, and Gale Force.
SFE Fishing Kite  The Ultimate Fishing Kite By SFE! Image SFE Fishing Kite The Ultimate Fishing Kite By SFE!
The high performance kite that simplifies kite fishing. It also eliminates the use of multiple kites, changing sticks and lost fishing time. Revolutionary new direct lift control bridle, coupled with a composite frame, produces an amazing wind range. Ultimate Kite colors depend upon availability - Green and Red.
Aftco Fishing Kite Image Aftco Fishing Kite
AFTCO Fishing Kites top all others in performance and durability. Constructed from waterproof rip-stop nylon sail cloth, low maintenance AFTCO kites won't mildew and will fly - EVEN WHEN WET! AFTCO kites handle a complete wind range from four on up to 16 mph. And even without wind, the AFTCO kite can be slow trolled or drift fished by attaching a helium-filled balloon to the kit's special loops. Also featured is an easily adjustable bridle with no metal connectors to rust or break, plus a black with white logo design that is easily visible against any sky.
Kristal Electric Kite Reels Image Kristal Electric Kite Reels
Extremely fast, powerful and quiet. Can also be used as a teaser, dredge or light deep drop reel. Features 12 Volt power, 350ft per minute retrieval speed, spool capacity of 600ft/50lb backing and kite line (sold separately), 6lb unit weight, and average consumption of 5 amps. Complete Rigged Kite Kits include reel, rod, backing, kite line, and clips. Recommended line - Spectron or Dacron. The 605 unit offers variable speeds for better control during tournaments.
Capt. Harry's Beginners Kite Fishing Kit Image Capt. Harry's Beginners Kite Fishing Kit
This kit comes complete with a Penn 113H2 reel, a Capt. Harry's kite rod, kite line and two release clips.
Kite Rod Image Kite Rod
Made with solid glass blank, slick-butt and an extra large tip. Can be used with a conventional reel or an electric motor. Length 2 1/2". With machined reel seat.
Custom Kite Rod Image Custom Kite Rod
Made with Fuji SIC Turbo tip top, solid glass blank and machined reel seat. Length 2' 9".
Pro Series Kite Box Image Pro Series Kite Box
Whether you're a pro of just starting out, this kit has everything you need for setting up your kite rods and reels. It's the best way to keep all of your accessories organized. Watertight box includes: weighted and non-weighted floats, kite pins, release pin rings, swivels, snap swivels, beads, leads, flyer rings, bridle needles and bridle bands.
Ready To Go Kite Line Image Ready To Go Kite Line
Rigged with release pins and swivels. Wound on re-usable plastic yo-yo.
SFE Kite Tube Image SFE Kite Tube
Clear watertight tube to protect one fishing kite.
Black's Kite Release 2-Pin Kit Image Black's Kite Release 2-Pin Kit
Clips with pre-drilled holes to allow swivels to run through clip when fishing more than one line off the kite. 2 Pin. Made in the USA.
Black's Three Pin Kit Image Black's Three Pin Kit
Three different color kite pins, pre-drilled with different size holes so you can fish three baits on one kite. Made in the USA.
Primo Release Pin Image Primo Release Pin
The number one release pin for kite fishing. A tension spring attaches the release pin to the kite line for easy on and off operation.
Aftco Kite Release Clip Image Aftco Kite Release Clip
This release clip should be attached to kite control line by passing line through path on back of clip. Kite clip can be "stacked" or added to a cable or kite line. Clip is made of corrosion resistant composite and stainless construction.
Du-Bro Pro Series Kite Release Clip Image Du-Bro Pro Series Kite Release Clip
Securely and easily mount on kite line by decompressing the two spring clips. Versatile release can also be used for running multiple lines on outriggers.
Black's Kite Release Clip Image Black's Kite Release Clip
The clip simply threads on the kite or downrigger line and held in position with a crimped sleeve, split shot, barrel swivel, or even a simple knot in the line. Each. Made in the USA.
Ceramic Rings Image Ceramic Rings
Used by kite fishermen or for trolling to prevent line fraying. Rings slide over line and attach to release clips to allow friction-reduced passage of line during drop-back either trolling or live baiting. Float rings used inside of floats. 10pk.
Kite Line Markers Image Kite Line Markers
These weighted floats have grommets in the middle to keep the line from cutting through the float. Each float distinguishes a fishing line and is used to gauge the position of the bait in relation to the surface of the water. 3pk. Size 3".
Kite Fishing Float Image Kite Fishing Float
These fluorescent floats enable the angler to easily keep track of the location of the baits in the water. Using different colored floats on long and short lines, the angler can better determine where strikes occur. Available in Fluorescent Pink (02), ORed(00), Green (01) or Orange (04).
Sailfish Visual Markers Image Sailfish Visual Markers
Cigar with eyelet. Streamline visual kite floats. Available individually in colors: Red (00), Green (01), Fl Pink (02), and Orange (04).
Oval Floats Image Oval Floats
Available individually in colors: Red (00), Green (01), Fl Pink (02), and Orange (04).
Outrigger Kite Ring Image Outrigger Kite Ring
This stainless outrigger kite ring enables you to have a greater spread when kite fishing. Simply snap to outrigger line, then feed kite line through ring and raise to the top of the outrigger.
Balloons & Clips Image Balloons & Clips
Great for kite fishing when there is no wind. Fill with helium and place on back of the kite. Save time with reusable balloon clips.
Kite Thong Image Kite Thong
The new Kite Thong allows the angler to do away with tying helium filled balloons to kites during low or no wind conditions. Held in place by swivels, it allows the kite to be flown either left of right simply by the placement of the balloon. Fits standard, SFE and Frenzy kites. Made in the USA.
Sea Anchor Drift Fishing Anchor Image Sea Anchor Drift Fishing Anchor
Slows the boat's rate of drift, helps keep your boat steady and stabilizes your drifting angle. Used for straight line drifting along banks or channels. It does not disturb the fish, and keeps the sportsman on schools of fish longer. Use 2 drifters in winds in excess of 25 m.p.h.

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