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Bomber Lures manufactures the finest crankbaits and jerkbaits for bass and other gamefish, including the legendary Fat Free Shad series and Long A.
Bomber Badonk-a-Donk Image Bomber Badonk-a-Donk
If you're looking for explosive topwater action the Badonk-A-Donk's are the way to go. Designed to be the best top water salt water plug and made to withstand all conditions. Engineered to mimic the vibration of panicked prey. The 3 ½" is low pitch and the 2 ½" is slow sinking. Available 2 ½" colors: Red Head (363), Natural Mullet(366), Natural Pilchard (369), Black/Pearl/Flash (357) and Natural Pinfish (365). Available 3 ½" colors: Red Head Flash (345), Redfish (343), Blue Back/Silver (347), Silver Mullet (341) and Speckled Trout (342). Click on image to see available colors.
Bomber Magnum Long A Image Bomber Magnum Long A
The new Saltwater Grade Magnum Long A features a polycarbonate body that is puncture resistant. Designed to withstand the crushing power of toothy game fish. Available colors: Silver/Black Back(XSI), Silver/Blue Back(XSIL), Silver/Green Back(XSIG), Silver/Chart. Back(XSICH), Bonita (XBON), Golden Tiger (310), Red Head (XS104), Goggle eye (305). * Denotes Jointed.
Bomber Certified Depth Image Bomber Certified Depth
Performs its irresistible death dance at a depth of up to 30' and is built to withstand brutal attacks from the biggest and baddest in the salt. Available colors: Goggle Eye(305), Bonita(XBON), Hot Pink(HP), Red Head(XSI04), Cotton Candy(330).

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