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Featuring the best quality mono leader available anywhere including Ande, Team Fish, Momio, Sufix, Triple Fish,Yo-Zuri, Seaguar fluorocarbon and Capt. Harry's leader. We also offer nail knotter, leader spools, Curl-Eez, wind-on leaders and quick shot needles.
Sea Striker 1/4LB Spools Image Sea Striker 1/4LB Spools
Economically priced monofilament. Strong, great knot strength with abrasion resistance. Clear. Available in: 8lb/2210yds, 10lb/1895yds, 12lb/1530yds, 15lb/1125yds, 20lb/790yds, 25lb/620yds, 30lb/505yds, 40lb/385yds, 50lb/280yds, 60lb/215yds, 80lb/170yds, 100lb/135yds.
Momoi Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon Leader Image Momoi Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon Leader
Momoi Diamond “Presentation" is a 100% fluorocarbon leader that is strong in diameter. If it says Diamond it's the clear choice. Made in Japan.
Hi-Seas Mono Leader Spools Image Hi-Seas Mono Leader Spools
The leader that has advanced monofilament extruded with properties made it supple, yet extra tough. Abrasion resistant and high knot strength.
Wind on Leaders Image Wind on Leaders
Now you have the control of big fish, right at the boat, with leaders you can reel through your tip and guides right on the reel. This added control allows you to keep your momentum to the very end of the fight, reduces the need for a gaff, and eliminates the need for a "leader" person. These 25 foot leaders are economical and time saving too. Conforms to IGFA regulations when combined with a 5 foot leader and a 10 foot double line. Available in Black, Hi-Vis Yellow and Neon Orange Dacron.* Also available, all black Dacron Swordfish leader in 300lb. ** Available White Dacron only.
Tournament Snap Swivel Wind on Leaders Image Tournament Snap Swivel Wind on Leaders
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better. We have added a tournament ball bearing snap swivel to the end of our Crank On Leader to reduce your rigging time. Just snap on your favorite lure and you are ready to fish. These 25 foot leaders conforms to IGFA regulations when combined with a 5 foot leader and a 10 foot double line. Sold individually.
Wind on Fluoro Carbon Image Wind on Fluoro Carbon
Low visibility monofilament line, sinks faster than most conventional leaders. 1 per pack.
Quick Shot Needles Image Quick Shot Needles
In a convenient pouch, 7 needles and 1 threading needle for splicing and making top shots & wind-on's, from 30lb - 550lb.
DaHo Threading and Splicing Needles for Braid and Dacron Image DaHo Threading and Splicing Needles for Braid and Dacron
DaHo threading and splicing needles are available in two convenient kits. Kit "A" features One Medium Reverse Latch Needle, One Medium Loop Splicing Needle and Seven Threading Needles: 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, 150lb, 200lb, 300lb and 400lb . Kit "B" is the ultimate kit for virtually any splicing or threading job containing 21 needles. Includes: Three Reverse Latch Needles: Small, Medium, Large; Five Loop Splicing Needles: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large; 13 Threading Needles:20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb, 150lb, 200lb, 300lb, 400lb, 500lb. Charts Reverse Latch Needle Size Outer Dia Small .050" Medium .042" Large .050" Loop Splicing Needles Size Outer Dia X-Small .025" Small .0355" Medium .042" Large .05" X-Large .065" Threading Needles Size Inner Dia 20lb .017" 30lb .020" 40lb .023" 50lb .026" 60lb .032" 80lb .038" 100lb .042" 130lb .047" 150lb .053" 200lb .060" 300lb .070" 400lb .077" 500lb .091"
Momoi Hi-Catch Leader Image Momoi Hi-Catch Leader
The same hi quality line you expect from Momoi in "No-Tangle" dispensers. 30lb to 80lb test available in 50 yd spools and 100lb to 700lb available in 100 yd spools.
Sufix Ultra Superior Monofilament Leader Image Sufix Ultra Superior Monofilament Leader
Made from a thin diameter nylon material. Offers knot strength, chafe resistance and strong performance. Proven to withstand abrasion, impact shock and has excellent knotting or crimping capability. Available in 110 yard spools. Color: Smoke Blue.
Ande Fluorocarbon Leader Material Image Ande Fluorocarbon Leader Material
Ande is 100% fluorocarbon! Features good knot strength, abrasion resistance, low stretch, doesn't absorb water, sinks quickly and is totally invisible underwater. Available in 50 yd wrist spools.
Seaguar Fluorocarbon Image Seaguar Fluorocarbon
Invisiline is a leading premium quality fluoro carbon leader line. It is nearly invisible in water, stays on the bottom longer, sinks faster than nylon, has high strength, and exceptional abrasion resistant properties. Color: Clear. 25 Yard Spools
Pink Fluorocarbon Leader Image Pink Fluorocarbon Leader
Yo-Zuri HD Carbon is a fluorocarbon leader that is practically invisible underwater, has superior abrasion resistance, very low stretch, and is softer with less memory than other fluorocarbon leaders. Available in 30yd and 100yd coils.
Lindgren Pitman Monofilament Leader Image Lindgren Pitman Monofilament Leader
Super soft coils available in Black, Blue or Clear. * 200lb available in Clear only. 5 lb available in Blue.
Momoi X-Hard Image Momoi X-Hard
X-HARD leader material extremely high tensile strength and has a hard outer coating to resist abrasion. Available in 100yd and 5lb spools. Color: clear.
Leader Spools Image Leader Spools
Here's the neatest way to keep your rigged lures or ready-to-use leaders tangle free. A 6" plastic spool that allows you to coil up your leaders and store them wherever you like without a mess.
Nail Knotter Tool Image Nail Knotter Tool
For making the Nail Knot. It's so easy to use, you'll surprise yourself. With a little practice 300lb mono will be as easy to work with as 40lb. Easy to follow instructions. To rig lures,leaders, hooks, etc. Can also be used with nylon coated cable.

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