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Monofilament Line

Braided Line



The "No Stretch" factor is what makes braided line the preferred line when deep dropping or jigging. We offer Cortland's Dacron, Spectron and Masterbraid.
Daiwa Saltiga Braid Image Daiwa Saltiga Braid
Designed for deep dropping. Eight woven braids make it super-strong. Color changes every ten meters, with five and one meter indicators. So you are aware of the depth you're fishing at. Spool comes with 1800m/1970yds of line.
Performance Braid Image Performance Braid
Exclusive Y6 braiding produces a rounder, smoother, thinner and quieter braided line. Available in Lo-Vis Green.
Power Pro Spectra Braided Line Image Power Pro Spectra Braided Line
Power Pro designed this braided Spectra line to feel smooth to the touch for less friction and amazing performance for better handling on any reel. It will also enhance knot performance and will lay better on the spool, which helps you cast long and smooth. The near zero stretch of Spectra lines means you will have the ultimate in sensitivity so every twitch will be transmitted to your hand. Power Pro is an incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line and will not bury in the spool. Available in Moss Green.
PowerPro Super 8 Slick Braided Line Image PowerPro Super 8 Slick Braided Line
Smooth as Silk. Power Pro Super Slick Braided Line, constructed with 8 yarn Spectra fiber braided under high tension, has a ''smooth as silk'' surface. The smooth surface means reduced line friction on the spool and through the rod guides, which allows PowerPro Super Slick to cast like a bullet. The Super Slick smooth surface and reduced friction offers reduced line noise which allows you to fish with stealth and silence. Available in Marine Blue.
Cortland IGFA Dacron Image Cortland IGFA Dacron
Shock-resistant, precision-braided coreless for easy splicing to eliminate knots, controlled stretch for greater hooking power. Splicing needle included in bulk spools. Available in greenspot unless noted. *Available in greenspot and black. **Available in black only.
HI-Vis Braided Dacron Image HI-Vis Braided Dacron
100 yard spools of 135lb Hi-Vis braided Dacron are used by the serious angler when making crank-on leaders. Allows the angler to see when the leader is coming to the rod tip.
Cortland Masterbraid Image Cortland Masterbraid
A stiff super braid that gives you the highest performance in a braided line that a fisherman will need. With years of technology you can have a line smaller in diameter and very low stretch in bronze or yellow.
Cortland Blackspot Spectron Image Cortland Blackspot Spectron
Spectron "Strength Of Steel", is braided with space age fibers, and combines a revolutionary low stretch polyethylene fiber. It features characteristics such as low diameter to strength ratio, low stretch creating unbelievable hook setting sensitivity and superior abrasion resistance that increases line capacity and repels water.
C16 Super Braid Image C16 Super Braid
Splice able "Super Braid" constructed using high-tech Spectra ® fibers. The perfect match for allowing you to quickly splice a few feet of mono, while maintaining line strength between the braid and the top shot. Available in White.

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