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MirrOlure manufacturers traditional mirror finish lures. Choose the perfect one for every type of fish and fishing condition. Mann's brand, readily recognizable by its Indian head logo, carries a reputation unparalleled in the industry for high quality and superior performance.
Giganticus G-50+ Plug Image Giganticus G-50+ Plug
The Giganticus 50+ features heavy duty plastic and super thick wall construction to handle the really big jobs of blue water fishing and is proven to bring up the big ones. Its unique patented line tie insure true and straight running at speeds up to 10 knots. The G-50+ can be trolled to depths over 50' using only 150' of 50lb mono. Comes rigged. Available in colors: Blue Mylar (77), Bonita (78) and Redhead (81).
Magnum Stretch 18+ Image Magnum Stretch 18+
The Davis Lip System, internal rattles, heavy duty hardware and body make the Magnum Stretch 18+ irresistible to game fish. These plugs dive almost vertical to an operating depth of 18' using 150' of 30lb mono. Available in colors: Blue Mylar (77), Red Head (81), Chartreuse/Green (86), and Chrome/Black (87).
Magnum Stretch 40+ Image Magnum Stretch 40+
The Magnum Stretch 40+ is a lure designed with a larger size and more depth than the Magnum Stretch 30+ but with all the toughness of the Gigantus G50. The Magnum 40+ has a patented lip feature that guarantees true running at high speeds, 2 Mustad double hooks and a lip to tail through-wire. It can be trolled at depths over 40feet with 150' of 30lb mono. Available in colors: Bonita (78), and Spanish Mackerel (79).
Stretch 25+ and 30+ Plug Image Stretch 25+ and 30+ Plug
Mann's legendary STRETCH baits catch more fish. Period. When it comes to high-performance trolling baits, nothing else comes close to the world-renowned, deep diving STRETCH series from Mann's. They're built rugged, run true and dive almost vertical to the depth of 25' for the 25+ and 30' for the 30+, using 150' of 30lb mono. And they look and perform like real baitfish! That's why they are the top choice for catching saltwater game fish. Available in colors: Chartreuse/Blue (04), Chrome Blue (72), Bonita (78), Spanish Mackerel (79), Redhead (81), Textured Black (87), Purple/Black (99).

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