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Keep your bait fresh or grind it up. Either way Capt. Harry's has the chumming equipment for you. Featuring manual and electric chum grinders, chum bags, bait trays, rigging stations, traps, bait wells, aerator, Magic Brine, Menhaden Oil and accessories and the Chum KIng.
Max Bait Tray System/Cooler Companion Image Max Bait Tray System/Cooler Companion
The Max Bait Trays are made in the USA from high quality .080 powder coated aluminum for a lifetime of use. Our standard trays are 2.3-inches deep and make it easy for any angler to properly store and keep fresh a variety of rigged baits, including whole ballyhoo or even rigged strip baits. Our deeper 3.9-inch deep trays will accommodate frozen boxes of sardines, squid, swimming mullet, spanish mackerel and chum. The interlocking Max Bait Trays are designed to conduct cold up the stack to the trays above. The ice in the bottom of the cooler comes in contact with the bottom tray and the cold is conducted to the tray above. As the tray comes in contact with the bottom of the tray above it, the cold from the ice is conducted throughout the stack. Bait stays cold and dry all day as the cooler sits in the sun, using less ice and offering more room for bait. Made in the USA.
Plano Trolling Bucket Image Plano Trolling Bucket
This trolling bucket comes with a secure bait door and a built in molded handle. Yellow. Dimensions : 10.75"L x 8.5w x 14.5"h.
Collapsible Chum Box Image Collapsible Chum Box
This 14"x6"x9" PVC coated wire mesh box cage will hold a 7lb block of chum and fold up easily for storage.
Collapsible Live Bait Cage Image Collapsible Live Bait Cage
Comes complete with everything you need to assemble, easy to put together, simple directions to follow, available square or round. Coated wire mesh, both break down into a 3'x3'x6" box for storage when the season is over.
Snapper Chum Image Snapper Chum
In a re-sealable bag comes a dry mixture combination of Baitfish, Shrimp, Squid, Clams, Menhaden/Pogey Oils, rolled oats and other powerful attractants are combined into an easy to use chum that catches fish. Can be stored on the boat. Last 90 minutes. Highly effective.
M-80 Chum Image M-80 Chum
Supercharged with sparkle! The explosion of TNT Sparkle realistically imitates the shimmer of fish scales flashing as they fall through the water along with the scent cloud. A secret blend of lightly engineered ingredients designed to attract a wide variety of fish species. No need to freeze, no smell, no chum bag. Can be used inshore or offshore.
Live Bait Wells Image Live Bait Wells
Wells are designed with the fisherman in mind. One piece molded heavy wall construction. UV stabilized for long, durable life. Recessed top cutting board. Lightweight and maintenance free. Bait Wells and Bait Hotels will be subject to additional shipping charges based on dimensional weight. *Are sized for UPS shipment.
Griffin Clip Image Griffin Clip
The Griffin Clip® safely and effectively guides your anchor rope in a more vertical ascent, minimizing the damage caused when pulling your anchor quickly. Float sold separately. Made in the USA.
Chum King Image Chum King
The Chum King is the #1 bait release product on the market today. You can fill the Chum-King with cut or live bait. The Chum-King allows the angler to sink and release the bait underwater causing a feeding frenzy. As a Chummer, you simply add frozen or thawed chum. Sink it and use it in replace of a net, bag or cage. The Chum-King is perfect for Grouper, Snapper, Tuna or any other species that requires cut or live bait. Originally $19.95 On Sale $9.95!
Pro Fish Chum Image Pro Fish Chum
Offshore chum blend, comes in a reusable mesh bag. Attaches easily to a boat, dock or pier. Features a concentrated formula that lasts for hours. Available in two sizes: 2lb bag expands to 8lbs and a 5lb bag that expands to approximately 20lbs. No ice, no freezer and no mixing.
Chum or Utility Bag Image Chum or Utility Bag
Mesh nylon bag is used for chumming fish to the boat or to store diving gear or other items.
Poly Chum Bag Image Poly Chum Bag
Made of heavy-duty nylon fibers. Has a drawstring at the top to secure opening. Holds up to 20lbs. 18" x 19".
Magic Brine Image Magic Brine
Both fresh and frozen bait should be brined before using. It helps preserve the bait, keeps it from washing out as fast - so it will last longer. Made in the USA.

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