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When you are ready to rig you want to be sure to have the tools that you need. Capt. Harry's offers a wide variety of crimping tools, sleeves, crimp protectors, shrink tube, thimbles, chaffing tube, tape and convenient pre-packed kits.
Soft Glow Beads Image Soft Glow Beads
Green glow beads from Owner Sizes available: #3/28pcs, #4/24pcs, #5/22pcs.
Chafe Gear Image Chafe Gear
Never chafe again. Used to protect your fishing line and rigs against wear and chafing. Color coordinated by size. 6.5" Length. 10pk.
Deluxe Rigging Kit Image Deluxe Rigging Kit
Kit contains - Copper Mini Barrel Double Sleeves: 125 each - 1.0ID Black, 1.3ID Black, 100 each - 1.6ID Black, 1.9ID Black, 2.2ID Black; Aluminum Single Sleeves: 100 each - 1.5ID, 1.7ID, 2.0ID, 2.3ID; Stainless Steel Thimbles 50 each - Small, Medium; Nylon Thimbles 50 each - Large; Mini Deluxe Hand Crimper and Sturdy Tackle Box. Originally $104.95 On Sale $95.95!
Heavy-Duty Hand Swager Image Heavy-Duty Hand Swager
Has 5 positions for use with aluminum sleeves, zinc sleeves and copper sleeves. 14 1/2" lenght. Position Capacity Inch mm 1 1/32" 1.0-1.5 2 3/64" 1.5-2.0 3 1/64" 2.0-2.2 4 3/32" 3.0-3.5 5 1/8" 3.5-4.2
Crimper Image Crimper
This 3-position crimper features soft, comfortable gripping handles. For use with aluminum, zinc and copper sleeves. Heavy duty 9" length. 3 positions.
Boone Heavy Duty Cutter and Crimper Image Boone Heavy Duty Cutter and Crimper
Heavy duty crimper and cutting tool with cushion non-slip grips. Hardened cutting edges and fits four sizes of sleeves: 1.0mm-1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm, 2.3mm.
Hand Swager Image Hand Swager
Has 4 positions with twin side cutters. For use with aluminum, zinc and copper sleeves.10" lenght. Position Capacity Inch MM 1 1/64" 0.5-1.0 2 1/31" 1.0-1.5 3 3/64" 1.5-2.0 4 1/16" 2.0-2.3
Boone Crimper Image Boone Crimper
9-1/2" Nickel coated crimper with non-slip cushion grips. Crimps three sleeve sizes and has hardened cutting edges for a clean cut.
Capt. Harry's Offshore Rigging Kits Image Capt. Harry's Offshore Rigging Kits
Be prepared and fish like a pro during your next fishing trip with the Capt. Harry's Offshore Rigging Kit. Kit includes the following: " Rigging Case " 10/0 7732 (4) " 12/0 7732 (4) " 100 yds 400lb Mono Leader " 30ft 480lb SS Cable " 1.3 Double Sleeves (100)" 1.6 Double Sleeves (100) " 1.9 Double Sleeves (50) " 2.2 Double Sleeves (50) " Stainless Thimbles (25) " Nylon Thimbles (25) " Glow Beads Pink (25) " Glow Beads Green (25) " 14" Copper Wire (50 Pieces)" 14" Stainless Wire (30 Pieces) " 4" Closed-eye Rigging needles (2) " Assorted Color Electrical Tape (6) " Hook File 5.5"" Rigging Floss- 40lb
Boone Rigging Kit Image Boone Rigging Kit
Heavy duty 10.25" crimping tool for four die sizes. An all Stainless Steel tool has non-slip custom grips. Kit has 150-1.2mm sleeves, 35-1.7mm sleeves, 50-2.0mm sleeves, 50-2.3mm sleeves, 25-stainless thimbles, 25 nylon thimbles.
Felco Cable Cutter Image Felco Cable Cutter
An outstandingly powerful tool for cutting steel wire rope. Unique triangular jaws never leave a frayed cut. Hardened steel blades and center bolt. Cuts wire rope up to 1/4 inch or 7 mm thick, high tensile steel strands up to 5 mm thick, stainless steel strands up to 4 mm, extra tough wire rope or stands up to 3 mm. Cuts electric cables of copper, aluminum or steel-cored aluminum up to 7 mm. Cuts aluminum or copper rods up to 5 mm diameter, steel rods up to 4 mm and tempered steel spring wire up to 2 mm. Length 7 1/4 inches. Weight 9.5 ounces.
Offshore Rigging Kits Image Offshore Rigging Kits
Two great kits made for offshore rigging. Both sets come in a reuseable storage box. 350 Piece Kit contains: 100 each - 1.3, 1.6 double sleeves, 50 each - 1.9, 2.2 double sleeves and 25 each - nylon thimbles, and stainless thimbles. 1,050 Piece Kit contains: 100 each - 1.0, 1.3, 1.6, 1.9, 2.2, 2.3 double sleeves, 100 each - 1.7, 2.0, 2.3 aluminum sleeves, 50 each - small stainless thimbles, medium stainless thimbles and large nylon thimbles.
Cooper & Zinc Sleeves Image Cooper & Zinc Sleeves
Barrel style, used with monofilament, cable, plastic coated wire. 100pk.
Double Barrel Cooper Sleeve Image Double Barrel Cooper Sleeve
Used on the same materials as above just 1 1/2 times the standard length. 100pk.
Single Barrel Sleeves Image Single Barrel Sleeves
Single nickel leader sleeves for making loops and splices. 100pk.
Sleeves Image Sleeves
Double sleeves, copper, black finish for use with mono or cable. State size. 100pk.
Super Aluminum Sleeves Image Super Aluminum Sleeves
Used for crimping line & leaders. 50pk.
Mini Single Aluminum Sleeves Image Mini Single Aluminum Sleeves
Used for crimping line & leaders. 100pk.
Leader Sleeves Image Leader Sleeves
These sleeves are the best and surest way to make a trouble-free loop in any wire or monofilament line. It is important to use the proper size to avoid slippage.
Stainless Thimbles Image Stainless Thimbles
Keeps your line from chafing and wearing out.
Luminous Plastic Thimbles Image Luminous Plastic Thimbles
Keeps your line from chafing and wearing out. Will hold up to 400lb test mono or 2.0 mm dia. 10pk.
Glow Beads Image Glow Beads
GB2.8G, for 100-600 lb test monofilament. 10 x 17mm. 20pk.
Crimp Protector Image Crimp Protector
Glow in the dark crimp protectors will help protect the sleeve above the hook and will help attract fish to your bait.
Soft Shrink Tube Image Soft Shrink Tube
Used to slide over crimps for smooth finish and also used to make a stiff rig. Available in three sizes and in black. Rig not included.
Hard Shrink Tube Image Hard Shrink Tube
Looks and works just like the Soft Shrink Tube, but offers more durability. Perfect for Wahoo Stiff Rigs. 6" length. 2pk. Available in Black only.
X-Treme Tape Image X-Treme Tape
Originally developed for the military, a self-bonding wrap made from a special high quality silicone rubber compound which adheres to itself when wrapped under tension. A non-conductive, air & water tight, insulating seal which stay flexible and will not crack or melt in tempetures from -60° F to 500° F ( -50° C to 260° C). Great for emergency hose repair, electrical rigging, boat & RV hookup, tool grips and bait rigs. Tape is 1" wide and 10ft long.
Chafe Tubing Image Chafe Tubing
Hard tubing to go over your leader to keep it from rubbing against thimbles, hooks, swivels etc. 5ft lengths.

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