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For more than 100 years, Mustad has been known as the world's largest manufacturer of fish hooks. Mustad has an impeccable reputation for strength, quality and durability.
C46-94140BLN Image C46-94140BLN
Hollow point, beak, special long shank, special bend, forged, reversed, ringed, nickel.
C46-92672 Image C46-92672
Beak, forged, reversed, special bend, special long shank, ringed. Gold.
C46-7766D Image C46-7766D
Tarpon, forged, extra short shank, ringed Duratin.
C46-37140 Image C46-37140
Hollow point, wide gap, slightly reversed, ringed, bronzed.
C46-TG76BLN Image C46-TG76BLN
Elite treble 2X short 1X strong. Micro Sharp.
C46-7699D Image C46-7699D
Sea Master, forged, knife edge point, kirbed, tapered brazed ring, duratin. 10 Pack.
C46-39938 Original Florida Sailfish Circle Hook Image C46-39938 Original Florida Sailfish Circle Hook
The original Florida Sailfish Circle Hook is back! Ultra point, circle hook, black nickle finish, ringed, point curved in. 100pk.
C46-9430DS Image C46-9430DS
5Xtra Strong Hook, Sharp Dura Steel. 25pk.
C46-92611 Image C46-92611
Hollow point, beak, special long shank, special bend, forged, reversed, ringed, nickle.
C46-10829BLN Image C46-10829BLN
Big Gun Bait Hook, Opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, slightly kirbed, ringed, black nickel. 25pk
C46-2286TD Gaff Image C46-2286TD Gaff
Barbless, shank bent back, tapered spike, duratin.
C46-3191 Carlisle Bait Hook Image C46-3191 Carlisle Bait Hook
Carlisle, riged, bronzed. 50pk.
C46-34007 Stainless O'Shaugnessy Image C46-34007 Stainless O'Shaugnessy
Forged, ringed, stainless steel.
C46-3407 0'Shaugnessy Image C46-3407 0'Shaugnessy
Forged, ringed, duratin, hooks.
C46-3407SSD Double Strength Image C46-3407SSD Double Strength
Same as 3407 with double strength.
C46-34091D Open Eye O'Shaugnessy Image C46-34091D Open Eye O'Shaugnessy
Forged, open soft ring, duratin.
C46-3412CD Needle Eye Short Shank Image C46-3412CD Needle Eye Short Shank
Recommended for marlin and tuna. Forged, needle eye, duratin, extra short shank, 2 extra-strong.
C46-3412D Needle Eye O'Shaugnessy Image C46-3412D Needle Eye O'Shaugnessy
Recommended for sailfish, white marlin, dolphin, etc. Forged, needle eye, duratin.
C46-3561ED Treble Hook Image C46-3561ED Treble Hook
Ringed, 3-extra strong, duratin. 25pk
C46-3592BR Kingfish Image C46-3592BR Kingfish
Hollow point, rigged bronzed, 4 extra strong. Kingfish. 25 pk.
C46-2330DT Kirbysea Hook Image C46-2330DT Kirbysea Hook
Offset hook, ringed, duratin. 100 pk.
C46-39951BLN Image C46-39951BLN
Ultra Point, circle hook, point curved in, extra fine wire, ringed, black nickle finish.
C46-39960 Tuna Circle Image C46-39960 Tuna Circle
Ringed, duratin, point curved in. Used for long lines.
C46-7691S Big Game Hook Image C46-7691S Big Game Hook
Stainless, forged, knife edge point, ringed. 10pk
C46-7698BD Sea Mate Image C46-7698BD Sea Mate
Knife edge point, forged, tapered brazed ring, duratin, 2 extra strong.
C46-7731AD Sea Demon Image C46-7731AD Sea Demon
Knife edge long point, forged, tapered brazed ring, duratin. 10 pack.
C46-7731D Sea Demon Image C46-7731D Sea Demon
Knife edge long point, forged, tapered brazed ring, duratin.
C46-7732 Stainless Big Game Image C46-7732 Stainless Big Game
Knife edge, long point, short barb, Sea Demon, forged, ringed, stainless steel.
C46-7754D Bay King Hook Image C46-7754D Bay King Hook
Knife edge point, forged, tapered brazed ring, duratin extra short shank, 2 extra strong.
C46-7982HS Image C46-7982HS
Forged, ringed, stainless, short shank, 2 extra strong, 70° angle. 10pk
C46-9174 Live Bait Hook Image C46-9174 Live Bait Hook
Bronzed, ringed, forged, extra short shank, extra strong. 100pk.
C46-9175BLN Image C46-9175BLN
Extra short shank, extra strong, black nickel finish, ultra point. 25 pack.
C46-9175D Live Bait Hook Image C46-9175D Live Bait Hook
Forged, ringed, duratin. Extra strong, extra short shank. 100 pack.
C46-92677 Image C46-92677
Forged small ring, bronze, special short shank. Size 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 available in 50 pack. Size 7/0 available in 100 pack.
C46-9510X3C Image C46-9510X3C
Blue open soft ring, 3 extra strong, wide bend, hollow point. 100pk
C46-95160  Salmon Image C46-95160 Salmon
Hollow point hooks, bright stainless steel, wide bend, ringed, 3 extra strong.
Power Lock Plus Hooks Image Power Lock Plus Hooks
Unique sliding weight lets you easily change presentation, also has a spring keeper to hold the bait securely on an Ultra Point Hook. Comes in 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and two weights.

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