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Original Buff

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From fishing in tropical shallows to mountain streams, long days on the water can be rough on your skin, and without protection, even dangerous. Multifunctional Buff® Headwear offers anglers protection from the elements, including the sun's UV rays. Buff® Headwear guards against flying rain drops and cuts wind noise in a moving boat, wicks moisture, prevents insect bites, absorbs glare, is highly breathable and protects skin from sun damage. Simple. Versatile. Effective. High UV - UV Buff features Coolmax® extreme offers superior UV protection by blocking more than 95% of UV radiation.

Order #DescriptionPrice
C18-00283High UV Buff Dorado$23.00
C18-00291High UV Buff Shark Camo Gray$23.00
C18-00426High UV Buff Bluewater Camo$23.00
C18-100483High UV Buff Turtle Buff$23.00
C18-100509High UV Buff Pixels Desert$23.00
C18-100860High UV Buff Pixels Grey$23.00
C18-107693High UV Buff DeYoung Tarpon Flank$23.00
C18-107698High UV Buff DeYoung Wahoo Flank$23.00
C18-107700High UV Bugslinger Buff Water Camo Blue$23.00
C18-107701High UV Bugslinger Buff Water Camo Forest$23.00
C18-107702High UV Bugslinger Buff Water Camo Green$23.00
C18-107703High UV Bugslinger Buff Water Camo Grey$23.00
C18-107705High UV Buff Pelagic Camo Lime$23.00
C18-107724High UV Buff Florida Keys$23.00
C18-18115High UV Buff Santana Navy$23.00
C18-18193High UV Buff Pelagic Camo$23.00
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