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Designed specifically for the well-being of fisheries around the world, the SeaQualizer â„¢ is a device used to reverse the effects of barotrauma for deep water fish, eliminating the need for a venting tool. There are three depth settings at which it is designed to release at. Once the depth has been selected you lower it into the water attached to the line of a fishing rod and a lead large enough to sink the fish suffering from barotrauma. By pulling the fish down closer to the depth it was caught at the fish will re-compress without having to vent or poke the fish which can create even more harm. If fish are not properly vented you can puncture one of their organs and/or infect the fish with bacteria from unsterile venting needles. Since the SeaQualizer is pressure activated there is no way for the fish to be prematurely released, which can happen with other tools. Through proper use and implementation the SeaQualizer can help the longevity of resources for generations to come. Made in the USA.

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C96-01676Standard - Depth 50-100-150ft$49.95
C96-01677Deep Water - 100-200-300ft$49.95
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