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Power Pro Spectra Braided Line

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*Power Pro Spectra Braided Line
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Power Pro designed this braided Spectra line to feel smooth to the touch for less friction and amazing performance for better handling on any reel. It will also enhance knot performance and will lay better on the spool, which helps you cast long and smooth. The near zero stretch of Spectra lines means you will have the ultimate in sensitivity so every twitch will be transmitted to your hand. Power Pro is an incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line and will not bury in the spool. Available in Moss Green.

Order ## TestDiameterYds / SpoolPrice
C94-1009050lb.36mm300 yd$28.95
C94-1013030lb.28mm300 yd$28.95
C94-1013620lb.23mm300 yd$28.95
C94-1013710lb.15mm300 yd$28.95
C94-104828lb.13mm300 yd$28.95
C94-1059315lb.18mm300 yd$28.95
C94-1064840lb.33mm300 yd$28.95
C94-1009165lb.41mm300 yd$34.50
C94-1033980lb.43mm300 yd$37.95
C94-1013350lb.36mm500 yd$42.95
C94-1012165lb.41mm500 yd$54.25
C94-1034180lb.43mm500 yd$61.75
C94-1006065lb.41mm1500 yd$153.95
C94-1034280lb.43mm1500 yd$173.95
C94-10021100lb.46mm1500 yd$186.95
C94-10027150lb.56mm1500 yd$257.95
C94-10032200lb.76mm1500 yd$341.95
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