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Penn International Tournament Reels

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*Penn International Tournament Reels
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No other reel has done more to shape the world of offshore big game angling. These reels are designed and used by professional fishermen worldwide. The "gold" anodized finish protects the inner working of tempered stainless steel gears and shielded ball bearings. These reels have become the "gold standard" of excellence among anglers. The International® reels are available in two families: the single-speed International® Series and the two-speed International® II Series. Both are built with pride in the USA, and offer a wide range of sizes. Added to the series are the newly designed single speed V reels, each meeting the same high standards you have come to expect from the International V Series. *Two-speed Models T-Denotes Tubular Frame, S-Denotes Two-speed Shifter, W-Denotes Wide Spool.

Order #Mfg #Line CapacityGear RatioDescriptionPrice
C72-00161*16VS1000yds/16lb Mono5.3:1/2:1Two Speed Reel$549.95
C72-00314*30VSW850yds/30lb Mono3.8:1/1.8:1Two Speed Reel$599.95
C72-0051750VSW725yd/60lb Mono3.1:1/1.3:1Two Speed Reel$649.95
C72-00074*70VS600yds/80lb Mono3.1:1/1.4:1Two Speed Reel$749.95
C72-00814*80VSW950yds/80lb Mono3:1/1.5:1Two Speed Reel$899.95
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