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The Parachute Sea Anchor

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*The Parachute Sea Anchor
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Ideal for maintaining your position over your favorite fishing grounds, especially while kite fishing. The Parachute Sea Anchor will reduce your drift up to 90%. Easy to use, the sea anchor is kept inside a bag, which is tossed overboard where it automatically deploys in the water. The Parachute Sea Anchor is 15ft long, 10ft in diameter and weighs 20lbs. Comes complete with deployable stowage bag, heavy duty shackle float line and instruction manual. Swivel accessory sold separately.

Order #DescriptionPrice
C61-038543/8" Swivel$29.95
C61-038531/2" Swivel$52.25
C66-038419 FT Anchor$349.95
C66-0384212 FT Anchor$585.95
C66-7272815 FT Anchor$824.95
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