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Hooker Electric Reels Motor Only

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*Hooker Electric Reels Motor Only
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Hooker Electrics, designed to fit wither Penn International reels or Shimano Tiagra reels, offer the flexibility of deep drop swordfish fishing or pulling dredges all with one reel. Available with add-ons such as Level winds and line counters. Motors and reels are sold separately and require special machining but can be added to any combo. All Hooker Electrics come with Hubbell plugs, fast blow fuses to protect motors against incorrect polarity hook-ups on boats and a 12/24 volt voltage regulator allowing the reel to be used with either voltage without any reel modifications. Other accessories include a neoprene reel cover and a deep water camera housing for GoPro® cameras. All accessories are added to the reels after order is placed and require additional machining. Detachable (DD) motors were designed for angler's daytime swordfish fishing. The DD reels are available for either the Shimano Tiagra 80 or 130 reels or the Penn International 70 or 80 reels. After dropping to the bottom and hooking a fish the angler may either detach the motor and fight the fish or bring the fish part way up then detach the motor and fight the fish. Items Shown here are Motors only.

Order #DescriptionPrice
C24-13701Shimano 50 Tiagra Hooker$1970.00
C24-13702Shimano 80/130 Tiagra Hooker$2370.00
C24-13703Penn 70/80 International Hooker$2370.00
C24-13704DD Penn 70/80 International Hooker$3170.00
C24-13705DD Shimano 80 Tiagra Hooker$3170.00
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