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Accessories & Lures for Dredges, Spreaders & Daisy Chains

Rigged Mann Stretch Plug

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*Rigged Mann Stretch Plug
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Because dredge systems tend to "float" when pulled behind the boat, some type of weight either as part of the dredge or attached in front of the dredge is needed. One of the most effective methods is adding some sort of deep diving lure. We have chosen the Mann's Stretch 30+. While it will not swim as deep, the Stretch 30+ is more easily removed from the water under a load than its larger brothers. Because the lip is adjustable to swim left and right multiple systems may be fished off a transom of a boat. Rigged for attachment to dredge. Colors: Bonita (78), Blue Mylar (72) and Spanish Mackerel (79).

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