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Hayabusa Sabiki Rigs

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*Hayabusa Sabiki Rigs
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Hayabusa Sabiki Bait Rigs are ideal for catching bait quickly and effectively. Available in mono, fluorocarbon and Seaguar fluorocarbon. All have 6 drop lines except the S-530E has 4 and the D-119E has 8. Click on the image for more details.

Order #Mfg #DescriptionHook sizeMain LinePrice
C89-17431S-002AEMONO Hage-Kawa35 lb$3.65
C89-17675S-002AEMONO Hage-Kawa613 lb$3.65
C89-18597S-002AEMONO Hage-Kawa817 lb$3.65
C89-18846S-002AEMONO Hage-Kawa413 lb$3.65
C89-17691S-068AEMONO Hage-Aurora817 lb$4.15
C89-17696S-068AEMONO Hage-Aurora35 lb$4.15
C89-17697S-068AEMONO Hage-Aurora413 lb$4.15
C89-17699S-068AEMONO Hage-Aurora613 lb$4.15
C89-46497S-650ESEAGUAR FLUROCARBON Hage-Aurora413 lb$4.95
C89-46498S-650ESEAGUAR FLUROCARBON Hage-Aurora613 lb$4.95
C89-46499S-650ESEAGUAR FLUROCARBON Hage-Aurora817 lb$4.95
C89-59710EX-020FLUOROCARBON Pearl Fish Skin Green35 lb$4.95
C89-59711EX-020FLUOROCARBON Pearl Fish Skin Green413 lb$4.95
C89-59712EX-020FLUOROCARBON Pearl Fish Skin Green613 lb$4.95
C89-19399S-530EMONO Squid1420 lb$5.75
C89-01768D-119EMONO Aurora1515 lb$7.95
Sabiki Florocarbon Bait Rigs

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