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Cortland Masterbraid

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*Cortland Masterbraid
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A stiff super braid that gives you the highest performance in a braided line that a fisherman will need. With years of technology you can have a line smaller in diameter and very low stretch in bronze or yellow.

Order ## TestYds / SpoolDiameterPrice
C94-1605715lb150 Yds.228 mm$21.95
C94-1605820lb150 Yds.279 mm$21.95
C94-1608115lb150 Yds.228 mm$21.95
C94-1608220lb150 Yds.279 mm$21.95
C94-1790715lb150 Yds.228mm$21.95
C94-1790820lb150 Yds.279mm$21.95
C94-1606515lb300 Yds.228 mm$37.95
C94-1606620lb300 Yds.279 mm$37.95
C94-1608915lb300 Yds.228 mm$37.95
C94-1609020lb300 Yds.279 mm$37.95
C94-1791515lb300 Yds.228mm$37.95
C94-1791620lb300 Yds.279mm$37.95
C94-1606730lb300 Yds.304 mm$39.95
C94-1609130lb300 Yds.304 mm$39.95
C94-1791730lb300 Yds.304mm$39.95
C94-1606850lb300 Yds.381 mm$44.95
C94-1609250lb300 Yds.381 mm$44.95
C94-1791850lb300 Yds.381mm$44.95
C94-1609365lb300 Yds.482 mm$47.95
C94-1591030lb600 Yds.304 mm$74.95
C94-1591930lb600 Yds.304 mm$74.95
C94-1792630lb600 Yds.304mm$74.95
C94-1590565lb600 Yds.482 mm$81.95
C94-1591150lb600 Yds.381 mm$81.95
C94-1592050lb600 Yds.381 mm$81.95
C94-1792750lb600 Yds.381mm$81.95
C94-1591865lb600 Yds.482 mm$84.95
C94-1591280lb600 Yds.533 mm$95.95
C94-1592180lb600 Yds.533 mm$95.95
C94-1796080lb600 Yds.533mm$95.95
C94-1612350lb1200 Yds.381 mm$143.95
C94-1613150lb1200 Yds.381 mm$143.95
C94-1793650lb1200 Yds.381mm$143.95
C94-1613565lb1200 Yds.482 mm$154.95
C94-1613665lb1200 Yds.482 mm$154.95
C94-1793765lb1200 Yds.482mm$154.95
C94-1612480lb1200 Yds.533 mm$174.95
C94-1613280lb1200 Yds.533 mm$174.95
C94-1796180lb1200 Yds.533mm$174.95
C94-16125130lb1200 Yds.660 mm$205.95
C94-16133130lb1200 Yds.660 mm$205.95
C94-17940130lb1200 Yds.660mm$205.95
C94-16126200lb1200 Yds.914 mm$246.95
C94-16134200lb1200 Yds.914 mm$246.95
C94-17941200lb1200 Yds.914mm$246.95
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