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Momoi Hi-Catch Mono

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*Momoi Hi-Catch Mono
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Momoi's Hi-Catch mono is a high end mono produced under the strictest quality controls. It exhibits low memory, is soft and flexible and maintains a high tensile strength to diameter ratio. This means more line on the reel when compared to the competition. Available in Clear, Smoke Blue, and Flo Yellow.

Order #Spool Size# TestYds / SpoolDiameterPrice
C94-010301 lb30 lb2020Yds.52mm$54.95
C94-010501 lb50 lb1120Yds.70mm$54.95
C94-010601 lb60 lb1010Yds.75mm$54.95
C94-010801 lb80 lb750Yds.85mm$54.95
C94-011001 lb100 lb610Yds.95mm$54.95
C94-010201 lb20 lb3360Yds.40mm$59.95
C94-020302 lb30 lb4040Yds.52mm$98.95
C94-020502 lb50 lb2240Yds.70mm$98.95
C94-020602 lb60 lb2020Yds.75mm$98.95
C94-020802 lb80 lb1500Yds.85mm$98.95
C94-021002 lb100 lb12200Yds.95mm$98.95
C94-021302 lb130 lb760Yds1.2mm$98.95
C94-020202 lb20 lb6760Yds.40mm$123.95
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Momoi Hi-Catch Mono

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