Capt. Harry’s Fishing Supply offers a full range on Fishing Line. Braided fishing line features the "No Stretch" factor which makes braided line the preferred line when deep dropping or jigging making for solid hook sets every time. The high sensitivity of braided fishing line allows you to feel every bump, thump, and move a fish makes on your line.   Monofilament fishing line is a single strand product used on all kinds of fishing reels i.e. Spinning Conventional, Casting, Hand lines (yoyo) for catching fish.... The tensile strength or pound test of the line comes from the thickness of the strand. Most monofilament comes on spool that makes it easy to fill your fishing reel. Manufactures produce line in different colors. Clear, blue, green, white, Hi-Vis colors chartreuse, orange, yellow. Monofilament fishing line can be very strong and abrasion resistant. Traditional monofilament fishing line is by far the most preferred line in use worldwide. Capt. Harry’s Fishing Supply offers premium and tournament/IGFA grade line from Ande, Berkley, Suffix, Exsum, Sea Striker and Momoi.  Capt. Harry's Fishing Supply also offer Wire Trolling Line, Cable Leader, Fluorocarbon Leader, Leader Wire, Monofilament Leader, Pre-Made Wind-On Leaders, Monofilament Bait Rigs and Braided Line Accessories.


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Fishing Line

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