Our Fishing lure selection is second to none with the most extensive collection of lures anywhere! Whether you are fishing backcountry or big game fishing offshore, Capt. Harry's Fishing Supply has the lure for your fishing needs. A lot of time and thought goes into creating the perfect lure.  It has to be functional and successful all at the same time.  We put the same amount of effort in picking the fishing lures that we want in our retail and online store as the lure manufactures put in creating them.  Through all this hard work we have created one of the most extensive collections of saltwater fishing lures available. We are literally a one stop shop for whatever saltwater fishing lure you need or are looking for. Not only do we take the time to select the most qualified fishing lures on the market but we will also customize them to your liking.  We will rig them, apply custom skirts and pretty much make it your own. We offer lures from manufacturers including: Tournament Tackle Lures, Moldcraft Lures, Bahama Lures, Polukai Lures, Andy Moyes Lures, Aloha Lures, Boone Lures, Billy Baits Lures, C&H Lures, Williamson Lures, Sea Striker Lures, Gruwah Dart Lures, G-Fly Lures, Rocket Lures, Dart Lures, Carolina Lures and more!


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