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Moldcraft Fishing Products started back in 1971 producing a wide variety of innovative, cutting edge items. From there the product line has blossomed into its present status. With, literally thousands upon thousands of combinations to choose from Moldcraft produces the most diverse trolling lures available today. The "Original Soft Head" lure is proudly produced in the USA with the highest quality anywhere as well as the best price available in today’s market.
Moldcraft Scaly Squid Image Moldcraft Scaly Squid
This squid combines the reliability of the new innovative scale pattern available in sizes 9" and 12". The colors are Blue scale on Pink Squid (46), Black scale on Natural Squid (71), Pink scale on Blue Squid (64), Black scale on Amber Squid (72), Blue scale on Green Squid (68).
Hoo Hooker Lure Image Hoo Hooker Lure
The newest addition to an already diverse selection. A 3" larger cavity natural bait skirt developed to slide over the head and to show more of the natural bait. Available in colors: Pink(05), Blue(06), Purple(07), Green(12), Black(13), and Orange(14).
Wahoo Cone Head Lure Image Wahoo Cone Head Lure
Designed for high speed trolling. This 13" lure with an eight ounce weight can be pulled fast to attract wahoo from the deep. Available colors: Pink/White(22), Mackerel/White(34), Orange/Black(39), Black/Purple(41).
4-Eyed Monster Lure Image 4-Eyed Monster Lure
This lure is becoming very popular worldwide. Stable in rough water and has an outrageous smoking action. Available in colors: 34, 35, 39 and 41. Made in the USA.
Bird/Chugger Std Combo Image Bird/Chugger Std Combo
8" Chugger lure combined with a 9.5" Bird lure with approximately 15' of 300lb mono. Comes with 10/0 double strength hook. Available in colors: 34, 35, 39.
Bobby Brown Special Image Bobby Brown Special
This lure was developed by the world renown Captain Bobby Brown. Its plunger style features are easy to use, and can be trolled short or long. This special lure creates a smoke trail with enticing swimming action, and its weighted head is equipped with super sparkle soft eyes. Available in 2 sizes: Standard Bobby Brown Special, Unrigged, 10 1/2"L, or 15" Unrigged Magnum, which is used as a teaser and to catch much larger fish. Available in colors 34, 35, 41,56 and *Standard also available in 36, 44.
Hooker Image Hooker
Lures which have holes for bubble action. Available in colors 34, 35, 36, 39 and *41. • Available in 44, 56. Made in the USA.
Magnum Wide Range Image Magnum Wide Range
With its larger and heavier head, this lure has more stability at high speeds or in rough water. It can be used as a teaser or rigged to catch the big one. Available in colors 34, 35, 39, 41, 44, 56.
Moldcraft Squid Image Moldcraft Squid
Amazing fish enticing action, with a tough fish-like feel. Use as a daisy chain teaser or to pull bait. Available in the following colors: Natural (01), Pink (04), Amber (12) and Green (08)
Needlefish Image Needlefish
A small, long trolling lure that is dynamite. Proven on dolphin, kingfish, wahoo, tuna, sailfish and marlin. These lures pull easily and stay down in rough water. Available in colors 34, 35, 36, 39, 41, 56.
Pitch Bait Kits Image Pitch Bait Kits
Slip these heads over a rigged ballyhoo and your pitch bait is ready to go. These baits create surface commotion and are sure to get the attention of any game fish that doesn't go for the rest of the spread. The 10 pack is available with either Hooker heads or Chugger heads and includes 2 each of the following colors: Black/Purple, Green/Yellow, Blue/Silver, Pink/White and Black.
Red Bailey Special Image Red Bailey Special
A senior size Hooker soft head lure. Available color: Black/Red/White (55). Mfg: 3450RBS, Length: 10 1/2".
Reel Tight Lures Image Reel Tight Lures
A double tapered body, angle face design, which gives an optimal performance. Great tracking and smokes well.Available in colors: 34, 35, 39, 41 and 56.
Secret Weapon Image Secret Weapon
Holes for bubble action. Swims in a narrow fast pattern. Available in colors 39, 41, 44, 56.
Senior Replacement Skirt Image Senior Replacement Skirt
Now you can make your own winning lure color combination with these inner skirts. Available in colors: Black (10), Dk Blue (06), Lt Blue (08), Green (12), Orange (14), Pink (05), Purple (07), Red (04), Silver (11), White (16) and Yellow (03).
Soft Birds Image Soft Birds
Excellent for lures or teasers. Available in colors 34, 35, 36, 39, 41.
Super Chugger Image Super Chugger
Deeply concave face and a long heavy reverse tapered body. Available in colors 34, 35, 36, 39, 41, 44. C53-730 also available in color 04 and C53-930 also available in color 04 and 56.
Wide Range Image Wide Range
Flat head lure. Available in colors 34, 35, 36, 39, 41, 44, 56. C53-455 also available in color 04.

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